Online Photo Editor – Top 10 Sites to Edit Photos Online

An online photo editor is a good way to edit your photos without downloading any app. If you want to edit photos quickly or you don’t know how to work on Photoshop or other photo editing software you can use a web-based service for editing.

These days everybody cares about their presence on social media and maintains their popularity they do lots of editing to their photos. Many people only need basic editing like crop, brightness, contrast, texture, effects, enhance color or normal touch-up.

These basic editing can be done using online photo editors which are the fast way to edit photos/Images without installing heavy software like Adobe Photoshop.

So here is a list of the top 10 websites that provide free and effective tools to brush up your photos without having any photo editing skills which will surely make your photos stand out from the crowd. This list is based on three-factor worldwide popularity, ranking, and available features.

Top 10 Online Photo Editor Sites

Here is the list of the top 10 sites to make your photos look better, you will find different tools, features, and unique ways to edit your photos with basic skills. You don’t have to spend much time learning, these sites offer a user-friendly and easy-to-understand interface.

1. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is one of the most popular sites to edit photos online, the features provided are really very attractive and effective one can easily edit their photos with large numbers of effects, tools, and many more features.

picmonkey editor


It has lots of editing tools like Crop, Frames, Textures, Effects, and much more. One of the best features I really like is their effects which are eye-catching and makes your photos really attractive.

You can upload your photos from your computer, import them from Facebook, Dropbox, and Flicker. It also has a collage maker and editor tool with the same features and effects.

Update – Pic Monkey has evolved over time, it is no longer a basic editing tool but a high-end online graphics designing tool. Earlier, it was not required to sign in but now you must create an account to access the editor.

The advanced editor is feature-rich with new tools like touchup, frames, templates, graphics, and themes. Apart from the editor, you will get designing tools for social media, websites, and many others.

Easily create Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest posts, and stories. You can choose blank templates with exact dimensions for Etsy, Linkedin, Medium, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and ebooks.

It has a solution for all social media images whether it is a post, story, Ads, YouTube channel art, Thumbnails, Instagram carousel Ads, Story highlight covers and you name it.

2. Pixlr

Pixlr is the most visited online photo editor even it ranks above PicMonkey in terms of popularity. It is like a web version of  Photoshop which enables many features of Photoshop and provide tons of tool which are the perfect way to edit photos.

pixlr editor


If you want to experience Photoshop then Pixlr is the best option, this includes many features of Photoshop, tools available on Pixlr are paint bucket, brushes, gradient tool, color picker, drawing tool, Clone stamp, crop, wand tool, and many other.

On Pixlr editor one can work on different kinds of layers, a wide range of filters are also available these tools provide an experience closer to Photoshop. It does not require an account or log in to save edited photos.

The site has 2 editors Pixlr X and Pixlr E, the first one is a simple and effective editor for basic photo editing. On other hand, Pixlr E is an advanced version with a great collection of tools for photo professionals.

3. Fotor

Fotor is 3rd biggest online photo editor & has more than 4 million visitors per month get you an amazing experience not only in photo editing but also provide collage maker, card designing for different occasions, and Cover designer tool for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, and about Me profiles.

fotor editor


It provides basic editing where you can crop, rotate, enhance color, and do some enhancements.  Also, it has many kinds of effects, frames, and stickers that are able to decorate your photos.

Apart from an editor, there is a Collage maker, Card Maker, and Cover designer tool for social media. You can save your photos without logging into the site.

4. Ipiccy

Ipiccy is another famous online photo editor which makes photos look great with many easy-to-use tools. Apart from basic editing, it has many advanced editing tools like Clone, Curve, Drawing tool, online liquify tool, and burn tool. It provides many adjustments, color enhancement, and filter tools.

ipiccy online photo editor


It has different kinds of Photo Effects, Stickers, Frames, Textures, and Painting tools somewhat like Pixlr, you can’t save any editing or photos without registering to the site, you need to create an account in order to save photos to your computer.

After the update, they have enabled some more advanced tools like Clone tool, Auto Fix, Retouch, layers, background eraser, dodge, and burn tools.

 5. BeFunky

BeFunky is another free and easy-to-use online photo editor which has features like PicMonkey and Fotor which enables good experience in photo editing. There are multiple kinds of tools available like basic editing tools, lots of awesome effects, frames, many types of text effects with large numbers of font families, and hundreds of Goodies.

befunky editor


It has also a collage maker tool where you can make collages from your Facebook photos or uploaded images, many types of templates, lots of background effects, text, and goodies that are able to make your collage looks awesome.

You can save your edited photos even without login into the site, a registered user can save their uploaded and edited photos in their account.

6. FotoJet

Fotojet is another effective tool for editing, it has tons of features to make your photos look outstanding. The basic editor offers multiple tools like crop, resize, rotate, exposure, and color. The pro users can unlock advanced features as sharpening, dehaze tool, vignette, noise, focus, color splash, and selective filters.

fotojet online editor

Apart from the editor, you will find effects, overlays, frames, text tools, and clipart.

There are tons of effects available for free but if you want to get more effects you can subscribe to their pro plan. The overlay tool contains bokeh, montage, burst, fabric, metal, and many other effects.

On the text tool, you can add headings, subheadings, and predesigned text with effects. Clipart allows you to add different shapes, icons, and much other clipart.

7. Canva

You may have come across Canva, it is not just a photo editing tool but a complete graphics designing solution for the modern world. If you just want to edit the photos then Canva has a separate tool.

If you need some graphic designing for a website, social media, and ad banners then Canva would be a great choice. You cannot access this tool without creating an account on the site.

canva new version

It has tons of templates for a jumpstart. You can find templates for blog banners, YouTube thumbnails, Channel arts, Instagram Posts and Stories, Ads, Logos, and many other categories.

Once you select a template it will open the editor with a perfect dimension for the service which you want. So you don’t need to resize the image after creation.

The editor offers millions of images for free. You can add filters, animation, effects, texts, colors, and other enhancements. It has templates for all your needs whether it is professional or personal.

Canva is my favorite destination for designing blog banners and YouTube thumbnails. If you are running out of ideas then have a look at different templates, you won’t get disappointed.

They have launched a separate photo editing tool for basic photo enhancement that includes crop, filters, and some other adjustments to the image.

8. Lunapic

Lunapic is a simple yet powerful online image editor, the interface looks boring and outdated but it has a lot more tools than any photo editor on the list. Once you open the site it will look normal but once you get into the features you will be amazed.

The best part is that it is completely free and you don’t need to create an account. You can access it with one click, import photos from your computer, or from an URL.


The editor has basic cut, crop, resize, draw, rotate, paint, and eraser tools with a similar interface like photoshop. If you want some advanced editing then access the tools available on the top menu.

It offers tools like a layer mask, magic wand, skew image, transparent background, color adjustment, deHaze, saturation, motion blur, sharpening, brightness, exposure, red-eye removal tool, contrast, and several other editing tools.

Also, you can take advantage of the effects, filters, art, and animation that has a wide range of selection.

9. PhotoPea

Want to experience modern photoshop online? Then PhotoPea is not going to disappoint you at all. The site looks modern and eye-catching with the latest UI, it not only allows you to edit photos but you can create new graphics with tons of templates available.

photopea editor review

You can open images from the computer in different image formats, it also supports photoshop .psd files, RAW, XD, .sketch, XCF, and even PDF files. Since it supports several file formats then it consists of a bunch of tools.

You will find all basic tools like cut, crop, erase, selection, paint, gradient, blur, dodge, object selection, text, and online lasso tools. Create and work on different layers as you want, it has photoshop like layer management.

The advanced tools include brightness, contrast, exposure, transform, hue, saturation, selective color, and online liquify tool. The filter option has all the necessary effects to make your photos better.

The site is ad-supported so it is totally free to use without an account.

10. Ribbet

Do you need a clean and minimal interface with high-end tools? Ribbet will allow you to edit photos with its simple yet effective tools. You can find all the necessary options to fine-tune your images.

ribbet image editor

It has all the basic tools along with some eye groping effects, overlays, stickers, and frames. The Auto-Fix tool can enhance your photos with a single click. You can adjust the intensity of effects as you like.

Most of the effects and overlays are free, but if you want to get something more check their pro plans.


We all need to edit photos in this era on various occasions, most of us want to touch up the images to post on social media and other sites. These photo editors can help to effectively edit photos. You don’t need to install any software of an app on your device.

If you want heavy editing on different layers then none of them can replace Adobe Photoshop. But still, you can enjoy many of its features online.

There are many other online photo editors are available but the above 10 are the most popular sites with user-friendly navigation. And they all have the ability to make photos look awesome.

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