How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Sometimes, you need to view someone’s Instagram story without letting them know you viewed it. Without getting into the details of why such situations would arise, let’s focus on how you can view someone’s Instagram story without letting them know. Well, some certain clever tricks and workarounds will allow you to view Instagram stories anonymously, and today, we will be focusing on them. 

These are tried and tested methods that work efficiently and are safe. So let’s dive in!

Why View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

There can be a few reasons why you want to view Instagram stories anonymously. It can be possible you want to maintain your privacy or not want to leave a trace. Some people also like to avoid awkward situations. Whatever the reason, there is no shame in viewing stories anonymously.

Ways to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

The Clever Airplane Mode Trick

This is one of the easiest and safest ways to view someone’s Instagram story anonymously. Here is how to execute it:

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app and navigate to the story you want to view. Give Instagram 5-10 seconds to load the story for you. Make sure that you do not tap on it now.

Step 2: Now enable Airplane Mode on your device, disconnecting your phone from the internet. Make sure that you are not connected to any WiFi source as well.

Step 3: Return to the Instagram app and view the desired story without worry.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Step 4: Finally, close the Instagram app and disable Airplane Mode.

That’s it! The story will remain marked as unseen, and you can view it anonymously.

Create an Anonymous Account

Creating a secondary account is another effective way to view stories privately. This method allows you to maintain a separate identity which you can use to be anonymous. By following these steps, you can enjoy anonymous story viewing:

Step 1: Create a new Instagram account using a different email or phone number than your primary account. 

Step 2: Log in to the newly created secondary account after creating the account.

Now you can use this account to view the desired Instagram stories without worrying about your identity being revealed. However, follow different people from this account, as it might lead to suspicion, and keep it very different from your primary account.

Using Third-Party Apps

Many people like to view Instagram stories anonymously, so there are a lot of third-party apps for this purpose. However, when you use an app to view Instagram stories anonymously, ensure you do not provide any login or account information to these apps. 

Some excellent third-party apps to view Instagram stories anonymously are: 

  1. Insta Stories Viewer
  2. StorySaver
  3. InstaNavigation

The only disadvantage of these third-party apps is that they don’t work with private Instagram accounts. However, you can still try your luck but do not log in to third-party apps with your ID and password. 

Using the Swipe Trick 

Instead of directly selecting the specific Instagram Story you wish to view, an alternative approach is to tap on the adjacent Story from a different account. 

Since Instagram displays Stories consecutively, you can lightly swipe to glimpse the initial frame of the neighboring account’s Story without fully engaging. 

IG swipe trick

Doing so lets you get an idea of what’s happening in the first Story without your username being listed under the “Seen by” section.

Closing Thoughts

If you don’t want to leave a trace, then there are a few tricks, like switching to airplane mode, using the swipe trick, using third-party apps, or creating another account to view Instagram stories anonymously.

Ensure you don’t provide any login information when using a third-party app. Also, don’t download anything from these third-party sites. 


Q: Is it legal to view Instagram stories anonymously?

A: Yes, it is legal to view Instagram stories anonymously. As long as you are not engaging in unauthorized access or using information obtained for malicious purposes, anonymously viewing stories is quite alright.

Q: Can the account owner see if I view their Instagram story anonymously?

A: No, when you view an Instagram story anonymously, the account owner will not be notified or receive any indication that you have viewed their story. Anonymity allows you to browse stories without leaving traces or raising suspicions.

Q: Are third-party apps or websites safe for viewing Instagram stories?

A: While there are third-party apps and websites for anonymous story viewing, it’s essential to be cautious while using them. Only use reputable and trusted sources to ensure the safety of your personal information. And under no circumstances should you provide your login information to any third-party app.

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