10 Best Android Camera Apps To Take Stunning Photos

Overview- In this article, you will find 10 best android camera apps which can take better and sharper photos & videos with tons of effects.

The importance of cameras in smartphones and tablets has increased exponentially in recent years. The manufactures are bringing new technologies to their camera phones to attract customers.

It is a common thing to check the camera quality while purchasing a smartphone or a tablet. While every smartphone comes with a pre-installed stock camera, they usually have a very limited number of features.

But google play store has several great camera apps that can enhance the quality of your photographs. Some of these android cameras apps are considered better than stock camera apps.

10 Best Android Camera Apps to Take Better Photos

While there are many such camera apps are available on Google Play store but not all of them are good, some of them have good functionalities but they are rather slow.best android camera apps

Even some good camera apps can make your device run slower, which is ultimately a loss. In this article, we have listed 10 top camera apps for your android device to click the perfect photographs without making your device slow.

Some of these apps offer manual control, effects, editing tools, stickers, time-lapse, slow motion, and many other features to make your photos and videos look better and sharper.

1. Camera FV-5

If you want your device camera to work like a DSLR one, then the Camera FV-5 app is the best android camera app for you. This app has two versions- the free Lite version and the premium version with $2.99/- price tag.

This app lets you control the camera in manual mode. Just like a DSLR camera, you can adjust the ISO, shutter speed, exposure, focal length, and all other settings.

It also supports RAW photography along with the normal JPEG and PNG modes. The RAW mode is helpful to post-process the photographs.

The Camera FV-5 has a built-in Intervalometer to capture some stunning time-lapse videos of the clouds or of your trekking and riding activities. The advanced electronic viewfinder shows live RGB histogram for your photograph.

Due to the plethora of options, Camera FV-5 makes it to the list of the best camera apps for android.


  • The interface of Camera FV-5 is available in 30 different languages.
  • It is useful for pro photographers because of the vast number of features.
  • The Lite version of the app is free to use.


  • Beginner level photographers may find the app hard to control.
  • The app does not have regular updates.
  • The developers of the app are non-responsive to the queries of its users.

camera fv 5 for android

2. Camera MX

This app is one of the best android camera apps for beginners. The app has the option of many effects with post-editing abilities.

The user can adjust the basic parameters of their photographs such as contrast, sharpness, brightness, and some other related ones. According to the user reviews, it is one of the best selfie camera apps out there in the app store.

The Camera MX app also has the ability to produce GIF, animated photos/videos, which are very trending nowadays. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the “shot the past” feature.

It helps in bringing out the best moment to save the photograph even after it is taken. Users have regarded this app as one of the best camera apps for android.


  • This app is very easy to use for beginner level photographers.
  • The interface of the app is user-friendly.
  • The app can take sharp photographs.


  • It lacks a lot of features present in a DSLR camera.
  • Some filters of the app have to be bought individually and they are not one-time purchases.

android camera mx

3. Google Camera

Google Camera app is the official app developed by Google. This app is pre-installed in Google Pixel phones. But it can be used in other android devices through Google camera ports.

The app features the Lens blur mode to take the perfect portrait and slow-motion option for adventure activities. The video stabilizer mode acts as a virtual gimbal to produce shake-free videos.

The Night sight feature lets the user take photographs even in low light.  The Google camera apps photo-assisted search option sets it apart from other camera apps and makes it one of the top camera apps for android users.


  • The Google camera app is free of cost.
  • The users can take sharp images through this app.


  • The latest version is compatible with Pixel phones on android 9.0.0 or above.
  • Some features are not available on all devices.
  • The app is not useful for Pro level photographers.

google camera screenshot

4. Open Camera

Open Camera is a free open source camera with fully loaded features. The app has auto stabilization mode to level your photographs perfectly, even when your handshakes during the click.

The user also has the option of using the camera in focus or scene mode. The ISO, exposure, white balance, etc. can be adjusted manually in the app. The app supports HD videography and also allows to take photographs during videos.

To add some extra details in the photographs, you can also use the geotagging feature of the app to add the location and date/time.

The other features of the app include night mode and noise reduction for low light photography, which makes this app one of the best camera apps for android.


  • All the features in the app are free of any cost.
  • The app has a lot of exciting features for Pro photographers.


  • Depending on the hardware and software of the devices, some features of the app may not be available.
  • The app has an issue of slowing down while a microphone is in use.

open camera app

5. Cymera

Cymera is useful as a photo editor or photo filter in your smartphone. The effects include New year effect, Christmas effect, AR selfie effect and lots of other options. Cymera can work as a beauty camera that removes the wrinkles, dark spots and other facial irregularities to bring out the best of your skin.

The app comes with 7 different lens lengths that include fisheye to capture wide-angle photographs.


  • The app has super-fast and easy editing tools
  • The app has language support in 12 different languages.
  • Direct sharing option to social media platforms.


  • Sometimes the filters do not show up while taking a photograph.
  • There are too many ads in the interface which may ruin the whole experience.


6. Camera Zoom FX

There is a lot that you can do with the free Camera Zoom FX app just like a professional DSLR camera: stable shots, action, and slow-motion shots. The app supports RAW mode photography which can be post-processed.

The ISO, exposure, white balance and a lot of other parameters can be manually adjusted in the app. It also has some combination of modes such as timer and HDR, time-lapse and stable to bring extra beauty to your photos and videos.

The other effects include burst mode, time-lapse, voice activation and tap anywhere to capture option.


  • The picture quality is very high.
  • Quick focusing mode and easy access to the controls.


  • The app becomes slow while dealing with advanced modes.
  • The free version of the app has very fewer features.

camera zoom fx


VSCO is another one of the top android camera apps used for beautiful videography and photography. The VSCO app allows its users to adjust basic parameters of their photographs such as brightness, contrast, highlights, and some other related ones.

It also has a community where photo enthusiasts can share their photographs and get suggestions and appreciations from fellow users. The app also allows its users to share their photos directly to social media platforms.


  • The interface of the VSCO app is clean and minimalistic.
  • The filters of the app are handy in bringing out the best of every photograph.
  • Opens RAW files.


  • The premium version is costly.
  • The learning curve is very steep for the VSCO app.
  • The app crashes too much in some devices.

vsco app

8. A Better Camera

As the name suggests, A Better camera is another all-purpose camera better than the stock one you already have. The app has HDR mode for bright and dramatic photography.

It also has a night mode option for low light photography. The other features include a timer, multi-shot, white balancing, etc. In videography, the app has the options of time-lapse, focus lock, white balance lock and exposure lock to produce bewitching videos.


  • The app takes sharp and colorful images.
  • Suitable for professional photographers.


  • The app is too slow in processing the images.
  • The developers are not showing interests in rectifying the app’s performance issues.

a better camera

9. Footej Camera

Footej Camera is a brand new, user-friendly and robust camera for all your beautiful moments. The main features of the app include- focus and exposure from different areas, integrated gallery and slider, burst mode photography, manual ISO and shutter speed control, panorama mode, etc.

In videography, the app supports both slow-motion and time-lapse mode.


  • Simple and bloat-free user interface.
  • Amazing photo quality.
  • RAW format support for post-processing of the files.


  • The quality of the videos made through this app is not good.
  • The zoom option is very limited in the app.

footej camera

10. Manual Camera

The Manual Camera app is another one of the best android camera apps that closely resembles a professional DSLR camera. The features of the app include- control over exposure, white balance, and ISO, RAW file support, slow motion video, geo-tagging of files, etc.


  • Photo quality is very good.
  • Crash frequency of the app is very low.


  • Low processing speed in case of videos.
  • Lots of bugs in the app.
  • No free version.

manual camera

These are some other top camera apps that have not made it to the above list but are really useful, to say the least- Camera 360, Filmic Pro, Motion Stills, Pixtica, etc.

You can choose any of these camera apps for your android device, you have to test some of these to check which fulfill your needs. You can always choose the free version of these apps and if you find it worthy then you can go for the premium version.

Premium versions do offer additional features to make your photos look even more interesting. Which camera apps do you use apart from the stock camera? Let us know in the comments.

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