How to Delete Multiple Photos on Instagram at Once

Undoubtedly nowadays every person is on Instagram and has an Account. With the change in Social Media trends, Instagram has become the new trendy platform now. But as per discussions, we have figured out that many people try to delete multiple photos on Instagram and face issues doing the same.

Have you ever tried deleting more than one photo together on Instagram? Unfortunately, Instagram does not support selecting and deleting multiple pictures which creates trouble for people. 

Sometimes you want to clear your account by removing old or embarrassing pictures that you may have posted as emotional outcomes. Or you may want to change the niche or topic of your page. If you have 100s of photos then it would be hectic to delete them one by one.

In this article, you will find some ways to delete more than one photo from your Instagram account at once.

Ways to Delete Multiple Pictures On Instagram

There are different ways to delete multiple photos on Instagram, but those are not supported by the Instagram app itself. These are some 3rd party ways that can help you to execute this task. These apps mostly work on Android devices, if you have an iPhone then you may not find these apps on the App store.

Consider using an Android device for this purpose.

1. Instant Cleaner for Instagram
2. Cleaner for Instagram – Block, Delete, Unfollow
3. Mass Delete for Instagram (Without any limitations)

So now let’s discuss all these three options and have a look at how these options work with all the procedural steps-

1. Mass Delete for Instagram

As the name suggests Mass Delete for Instagram is one kind of application that does its job fantastically and helps in deleting multiple Instagram photos at once. It is a fantastic tool designed to simplify your procedure for deleting pictures. All you have to do is follow a simple procedure to start the deletion procedure  –

Step 1.  Download the Application 

To download this application you have to search it simply on Google and you will get an APK Version of the app to get downloaded. The process is very easy and simple as soon as the APK format is downloaded the app will appear on your device.

delete multiple photos on instagram

Step 2.  Log in with your Instagram Account

As soon as the application is installed on your phone/android device, you will see an option of ID & Password. Put the details and log in to your account easily.

mass delete login

Step 3. Select the Unwanted Posts & Delete

The very next step after you have successfully logged in to your account is to find the unwanted post and select them all for deleting at once. On the topmost right side of the application, you will find the “Delete” button where you can delete the posts altogether.

Step 4. Check the Operations Functions

After the deletion of pictures, you can get a confirmation by going to the settings>total operations and the operations. It will tell you the total number of operations performed for deletion/unfollow/block/delete etc.


  • The application allows you to do mass unfollow and perform a Quick selection process
  • It provides support for multiple accounts and provides better support for the deletion process.
  • You can easily block ghost and inactive followers from your follower list.

Important Note:
These applications are download from 3rd party sources and even ask for your username and password. So you can download this application at your own risk and can continue with your operations.

2. Cleaner for Instagram

The amazing thing about using this app is that it comes both for android and ios. It is a third-party application that is an easy solution provider for you when it comes to mass delete pictures from Instagram. Amongst all the applications, it is one of the best applications for mass delete. You have to simply follow these steps to start your cleaning procedure

Step 1. Download the Application

This application can be downloaded from an app/website named Aptoide in APK Version. The moment the Aptoide application is downloaded pop up will come to download the Cleaner for IG Application. You can easily install and access it.

cleaner for instagram

Step 2. Login into your Instagram Account

The next thing you have to do is login into your Instagram account and agree to the terms and conditions. The moment you will enter your id and password it will log in to the cleaner for IG Application.cleaner for instagram Step 3. Select the Media Option from the Bottom

The moment you select the Media option from the bottom, a small popup with Quick Select will appear and you will be able to select multiple pictures from the list appearing there.

Step 4. Click on Delete

After you have selected the pictures you want to delete then 3 popup icons will be appearing, then you should click on the Delete button so that the deletion procedure can be started. The application will confirm from you if you want to start the deletion process or not?

Step 5. Check your Instagram Updated Profile

After the deletion process has been completed then you can simply visit your Instagram Profile and check the updated changes there and the posts will be simply deleted from your account.


  • You can easily select n number of images and can delete those in bulk.
  • It allows you to follow/unfollow users in bulk numbers so that you do not have to perform the operations one by one.
  • Another feature you get by using this application is the benefit of liking and unliking posts in bulk and perform operations successfully.

Note: If you have the free version of this application then you will get only a chance up to perform 40 operations if you want to do more operations then you have to buy the premium plan and buy the pro version which will cost you around $4 to $5 and will provide you lifetime access for that.

3. Instant Cleaner for Instagram

I am sure you must have used various tools for deleting multiple Instagram pictures. Isn’t it? Instant Cleaner for Instagram is an application that is considered best for performing multiple deletion functions at once. Whatever you want to perform Instant Cleaner will let you do it in one click/tap. Now you can follow the following steps to start the cleaning procedure-

Step 1. Download & Install

Currently, this application is not available on the play store so you can download the APK file from Google. You can set up the APK file and download it on your android device.

Step 2. Setup Your Account

After you have downloaded the application you can put in your credentials and set up your account. You can either use your username or email for setting up your account.

Step 3. Go to the Posts Section

At the bottom, you will be able to see the Posts Section. Just click on the posts and you will be able to see all the posts that are listed on your Instagram profile.

Step 4. Select the Posts for Deletion

After you visit the posts section then you can select the post which you wish to delete. After that click on the delete button and all the posts will be deleted with a single tap.

Note: The free version of this application will give you a total of 15 operations and under each operation, you can select 5 photos in each operation and if you want to access the full functions then you can access the full features.

For ios Devices

There are limited options available for iPhone users, in our test only one app did the job without any problem.

Cleaner  for  Insinstaclean for iphone to delete multiple photos

Well if you are an ios device user you do not need to worry at all we have suggestions for Instagram picture deletion in bulk for ios devices as well, one of them being InstaClean.

It is an incredible application that allows you to perform limited features for free and the rest you can upgrade to the premium version. This application can be installed on your iPhone, iPad whichever device you are operating.

Step 1. Download the Application from Appstore

This application is available on AppStore to download which provides you easy access to download. Just download it and install it on your ios device. This app can only be downloaded from AppStore you cannot download it from 3rd party sources.

Step 2. Setup your IG Profile

After you have downloaded the application you can enter your Instagram username and password and set up your account to start the deletion process.

Step 3.  Start the Deletion Process

The application will show you various options after downloading i.e Following, Followers, Likes, Photos. You can click on the “photos option” and then click on the photos which you want to delete and start the deletion procedure.


  • You can easily register and delete all your photos/posts.
  • You can get up to 50 operations/actions before you have upgraded to the premium version.
  • It allows you to accept new followers and even unfollow them with one click.
  • The app has various pricing plans which are mentioned as follows-

                     * $0.00 for up to 50 actions performed for deletion.
                     * $4.99 for 1 month for more than 50 actions performed.
                     * $17.99 for 6 months for more than 50 actions performed.
                     * $23.99 for 1 year for more than 50 actions performed.


So here in this article, we discussed the solutions for deleting multiple photos on Instagram. These ways are definitely useful and you can try any of these to delete multiple pictures on Instagram.

These are some various ways to do the hassle-free deletion and which can be done easily without any further problems. These all are third-party applications so you can download them at your own risk and reading all the conditions. We hope we helped you with this article and you can solve your problems with multiple deletions.

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