9 Best Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

The general idea that apps are not really capable of making any significant impact on the day to day lifestyle of humans exists among a large section of people. The idea is horribly wrong.

Even though we cannot see a direct impact with apps, they indirectly influence a lot of our work procedures and solutions. When you get your hand on an app that can solve a lot of your extra problems, you can save a lot of time and focus on more important things.

For example, when you find a website builder, you will obviously rely on it rather than going someplace else. Thus, your productivity increases with the usage of these apps.

A lot of apps can help you with smart working strategies, and these can be very much important for marginal success, especially if you are a business owner or an entrepreneur.

Best Productivity Apps For Business

There are many such productivity apps available for different types of businesses, it depends on your requirements, but we have mentioned general-purpose apps which any business owner can use to improve their productivity and save time.

Given below are 9 of the best productivity apps that entrepreneurs and business owners can use for their benefit.


cloud apps for productivity


If you are looking for a specific app for screen recording and capturing purposes, no other app is as effective and efficient as CloudApp.

With the help of this particular app, you can increase the quality of communication significantly. With the help of CloudApp, visual communication has become effortless.

For early and quick communication with the team or a person, this is very crucial. You can take screenshots to make annotations, do recordings of the screen, comment on note down on other shared information and can share or download the files directly from the cloud service.


proton vpn


VPN or Virtual Private Network is very important for a business for various purposes. The need for such services increases even more when you have to deal with the information of customers on a large scale.

The need for a VPN is considered to be very important for most owners of business websites. ProtonVPN is probably the best VPN service of the lot, and it helps to direct the traffic of the internet within a VPN tunnel, which is highly encrypted.

This makes the information passing through it completely confidential, and it stays safe from falling out into the hands of others. Their privacy laws are very strict, and it can help the eCommerce business to keep confidentiality.


bear productivity app

An entrepreneur often needs to write down documents, list certain important points and create various captions. With physical notes being replaced by digital ones, Bear is the app that will help you to do just that very task.

It essentially runs on all Apple devices, and it has a wide range of customization techniques and options for different persons on where and how they decide to take notes.

The app notes can be organized via links and hashtags, and you can even have insanely beautiful writing capabilities.

The options for typography and themes are also more than enough. This is a productivity app that will help you to write down and present a piece of writing in whatever form you may want.

Product Hunt Toolbar Widget


product hunt appFor eCommerce business owners or entrepreneurs, it is important to stay updated with the latest innovations that rack up the industry, mainly the ones related to tools, products, services, and apps.

To be aware of such innovations, it is highly recommended to use the Product Hunt Toolbar Widget as it regularly searches for such promising apps and services and alerts you on time.

If you are an owner of a business who is looking for ways to increase the working time as much as possible, use this toolbar to get to know about the important products in a jiffy.

Once installed in the toolbar, this widget will always be searching for other productive apps and services on the background.


airtable app for mac

AirTable mainly helps with the creation of smart spreadsheets, and it can impact the business by improving productivity more than anyone can imagine.

This app can be described as the ultimate app when it comes to collaborating, scheduling, sharing, and planning of important details, and it makes the super boring job of sharing into a piece of art.

The features include single and multiple selections, checkboxes, optimization of date and time, linking of URLs, functions of currencies, storing images and providing attachments to dropboxes.

The multiple viewing and connecting functions make this app one of the most powerful yet underrated productivity apps for business owners.


slack for business

Slack is a highly helpful app because of its functions of communication that can work instantly even when you are halfway around the world and also for its capability for integration which makes the app incredibly useful as a platform for communicating.

There are a total of 7 integrations that can be used in Slack, and all of them are highly useful. The information from the integrated apps is directly relayed whenever an important event regarding sales occur.

The continuous monitoring of the status gives a complete overview of the business, even with a single look. Business tabs can be easily kept, and necessary situations can be handled at the proper time with the help of Slack.

Slack is considered as one of the best productivity apps since you would be able to communicate with your team and can check their work progress, you can assign tasks or check the reports by employees.


imageoptim for seo

This directly varies the loading speed of a site and can affect the SEO as well since the website load time is one of the major ranking factors on the search engines you don’t want high-resolution images to slow down your website.

Using ImageOptim, you can reduce the sizes of the image used, and it is very simple to use as well. With a drag-and-drop option, ImageOptim reduces the file size without degrading the quality.

Hence, you can use high-quality images without having to worry about your site loading speed.


neat productivity app

When it comes to software for tracking digital expenses, Neat is the best of the lot. A business owner will need to keep a close eye on the finances of the business all the time, and it can consume a lot of time.

To simplify things, you can use this app which will act as the bookkeeper for your business’ finances.

Using Neat, you can reduce the data entry done manually, manage the expenses, organize the invoices and receipts and keep an eye on the expenses and sales.

For the accounting process of a business and to make efficient income filing and reporting, Neat is a must-have app.



Todoist has an advanced system for list management that can help you with one of the biggest aspects of increasing productivity listing.

Used both individually and in teams, it features reminders and the daily progress of an individual on different projects.

Tasks can be flagged as a priority and Todoist can ensure that you do not miss a single thing that is important for your business. Productivity is bound to increase when everything is taken care of.

Wrapping Up

Good productivity apps should help you or your teams accomplish more faster. By all means, experiment with productivity software, but don’t let this experimentation turn into a form of procrastination.

After all, productivity apps aren’t going to do the work for you. So, pick an app that suits how you and your team work and stick with it.

Are you using any of the apps listed above? Do you know any other apps that are essential for entrepreneurs? Share your views in the comments section below.

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