The Importance of Building Systems within Your Work System

When you’re building a company, it’s very important to maintain systems that will allow you to focus on a specific workload as you delegate projects to others. If you’re intricately tied to every single component of the business, you’ll burn yourself out.

This is why it’s incredibly crucial to make sure you know how to hire the right people to do an excellent job for you.

Understanding that, it’s also important to maintain a perspective that understands that everyone doesn’t think or do things like you. Just because you were taught one way to do things doesn’t mean another employee with automatically understand that.

If you have an employee who doesn’t know how to do a specific task, this isn’t the green light to take up the task and do it yourself. In fact, this is a teachable moment.

This is actually an opportunity for you to train someone else in a new skill.

importance of building system

The Importance of Training Others

One of the reasons why it’s essential to hire the right people is because the right people really want to learn and contribute to the company in positive ways. While it might be a stepping stone for some, it can serve as a milestone job when they’re able to learn, grow, and expand their skill set.

When you’re intentional in training others, you’ll simultaneously empower them to be great at what they do. Before long, there’s a synergy that can happen between an employer and an employee.

Through that synergy, they’re able to produce a positive work environment that encourages each person to stretch their capabilities in the best ways.

Building Systems as a Business Priority

While building your system might not sound like the most exciting job in the world, it’s one of the most important. Preserve your sanity by learning ways to actively build sustainability within your company.

If you needed to create bullet points for your daily tasks, make sustainability one of those over-arching goals. When you’re creating tasks for yourself, think about whether or not these tasks will support your goal of sustainability.

business priority

An entrepreneur doesn’t start a business in order to be a slave to that business. If anything, they’re tired of experiencing massive amounts of burnout, fatigue, and frustration.

Instead, it’s ideal to create a business system where the employees can run the company like a well-oiled machine. For the entrepreneur, a business should serve as a money-generating enterprise that allows them to experience the time freedom so many people desire.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s constantly clocking in to work 12 hours every day, you’ve adopted an employee mindset that needs to shift.

The process might feel a bit uncomfortable at first. It’s okay to be vulnerable and recognize that you don’t know what you’re doing. However, now is also the time to talk to mentors. Get wisdom and advice from counsel you deeply trust.

When you’re able to have people who believe in your vision, they’ll support you by offering resources and wisdom to help you build the enterprise that serves your highest goals.

Building a System to Reduce the Work Stress of Employees

If your system is broken, it can result in missed deadlines or poor work. A skilled employee working with an insufficient system is an ineffective employee.

You would be paying an employee for the work they cannot accomplish in a poor work system, and it will result in high turnover rates and lack of confidence in your company or organization.

work stress in business

A well-managed work system reduces the work stress of employees and improves productivity.

A great business system is not only for the employees but also for the management, this starts from the top to down. Top-level managers should have a work system to follow so they can take responsibility for what happens in their department.

If they don’t have a blueprint to follow what they are going to guide their employees to become successful. Many companies fail due to this problem because they don’t know where to start.

Using the Power of Technology to Share Information

As you hire different employees, take note of some of the places they commonly get into trouble. Whether they don’t know how to manage a certain type of customer or troubleshoot an issue with the printer, there are tons of issues your employees will come into contact with.

When you’re developing a formidable brand, think about how your work is your trademark. The way you deal with your customers becomes a part of your company’s reputation. This means that it’s best to develop a strong sense of style when you’re operating within the business.

video presentation to build system

Your company’s style encompasses your company’s way of operating. Instead of sending an employee to a physical copy of the written manual, consider an online training course. This will build a learning ecosystem within your organization and employees can learn easily and execute the given task.

Develop a course that teaches new employees how to log into the specific platforms you all use. If you’re using a sales platform like Shopify, then take time to record a digital recording that shows users how to maneuver through the updated version of the program.

You can use software to efficiently record your screen, create the tutorial and file it for use in the future.

Video conferencing technology is also incredibly powerful. You can use the technology to host meetings with 25 employees and train them on various topics at one time. As you begin the training, record your screen.

Once you’ve created the latest screen recording, you can edit and upload it to the company’s digital training files.

Screen recording is one of the most efficient ways to show employees how to get this done in a style you prefer. When you’re able to work and save everything, this frees up your time to focus on other important aspects of your company’s success.


A well-organized system is not only good for your company but it also helps your employees to stay productive and result in higher profit. Building a system within your work system is not tough. You may need some guidance and coaching to accomplish the task.

It should be well managed from top to bottom, every department should have a manager who can guide the employees working under him/her. Every department works as a system within a big system.

They all need to be managed by a higher level of management who can analyze the productivity of each department.

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