10 Best Sites To Download Anime For Free in 2023

Anime lovers are all across the world, but the problem often people face is how to download Anime for free? Or which website is the best one to download their favorite Anime? There is a lot of confusion regarding this. No worries, we have got you covered.

Anime is a fabulous Japanese series that is liked by people reason being the concept of it and the beautiful message at the end it leaves. Now here I am going to mention some websites from where you can easily download Anime for free.

Top 10 Websites To Download Anime For Free

While there are tons of free websites to watch movies and TV shows online, to watch anime, you don’t have that many options. So here is a list of some of the best websites to watch and download Anime. Make sure to check more than one website if you cannot find the exact episode you are looking for.

1. Chauthanh Info

It is a fantastic website for downloading anime series because this website lists the latest anime series that you can check and download without any trouble.

The site has a modern design and a user-friendly interface that are simple to use, making downloading easy. Apart from the famous anime series, you can download OVA and drama if you choose.

You can search for easy anime videos, and with the easy and simple website interface and design, the site is well-known for HD Quality print. Download all the anime episodes you wish to see in MKV Format and the finest print to watch the best anime videos.

download anime for free

2. Animeheaven

If you are an anime fan, then you must definitely be aware of this website. The website has a fantastic collection of Anime Series.

There are a few ad pop-ups while downloading, but they won’t harm your system. The best thing is you can download anime here for free without even registering your account. It also offers a premium viewing experience to its users, and all the anime series are well categorized.

The site has a collection full of old and new anime videos; you can find various genres here with dubbed and subbed versions. Users can easily download Anime videos without experiencing downtime and further interruptions.


3. Nyaa SI

Nyaa Si is another popular site to download amine. You can get a dubbed anime series and download them in high definition. One can easily visit the website to access the links to different types of anime available.

You will not face any problems here and will get your favorite anime video. It is easy to download and starts watching the anime series that is your favorite.

You can find dual audio anime series, which are dubbed in many languages. Also, you can sort the movies by tons of categories available the categories are – Anime music videos, English translated, raw, non-English, graphics, and many others.

Or search for the title you want to find in the search box.

As compared to other sites, Nyaa Si shows fewer ad pop-ups. Apart from anime series, you can check and download amazing anime movies as well.

nyaa.si download

4. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime will provide you with the latest anime videos you want; you can select subtitles, resolutions, and as well as dubbing options for the videos too. The website has a properly organized series structure that can guide users easily to download the series they are looking for.

It is a great website for watching cartoon clips in English. Also, if you speak Japanese and want to test your skills, then you can watch anime on this website without subtitles and enjoy it.

You can stream the latest anime videos with a simple user interface to avoid the complexity of searching for and downloading anime series. For easy identification, they have divided their anime series into different sections and categories.


5. 9anime

Want high-quality dubbed anime series for your entertainment? Then you can trust 9anime to watch anime. Users can easily pick their favorite anime series and movies.

It is available in various video qualities i.e, HD, Rip, TS, CAM. You can choose the genres you wish and want to download.

9anime is the best place to search for high-quality anime videos, but the other important thing you should know is that the website does not give bulk download options.

There is a number of genres available on the site that, includes Action, Adventures, Cars, Comedy, Dementia, Demons, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Games, Kids, School, Space, Power, Yuri, Magic, Romance, Mystery, Parody and many more.


6. Kissanime

Anime lovers must be aware of this website definitely. A wide range of anime series can be found here. You can both download and watch anime series here in a range varying from 240p to 1080p.

The important thing is that Kissanime.ru does not support mini browsers, and also, the users who are registered with them can download/watch anime series.

It is easy to stream anime videos and watch various dramas on the website; it’s just the site does not work for browsers like UC and Opera Mini.

ssanime download anime free

7. China-anime

It is one of the websites that keep on updating fresh content and series in less than an hour. The upload time is speedy than any other anime website, which makes it the favorite website of all the users.

Apart from the fantastic and fast speed, the user interface and uploads on the website are commendable. You will be easily able to find anime series by clicking the simple download button at the front. You will be directed to the download page and then save the link as well.

The anime videos are updated on this site 10 times faster than any other site, and the updating frequency is also very fast. Go download and check out amazing anime videos/series just free of cost.

8. Animeout

It is also a simple website that will let you watch and download anime for free. It is a Japanese animation media website for anime viewers that helps them to download the anime series they want.

All the anime series are available to download with a proper featured image. The good thing about preferring this website to download anime is that it will keep on downloading the series and allows you to watch anime along with it.

Animeout has a great database that helps to operate the site easily and all the videos/series you download are available with a featured image.


9. Anime Freak

You will find tons of the latest anime episodes by visiting this website. It has genuine and best quality animes, and that is the foremost reason why this is the site to be counted among the list of famous anime downloading websites list.

You can put multiple anime episodes/series on download, and it will keep streaming as per their stream speed. The unique thing about Anime Freak is that it separates the site by putting multiple tags, such as ongoing and completed.

Anime Freak

10. Animetosho

If you want to download anime series altogether in bulk, then this is the right website to choose from. The unique thing about this site is that it has a forum community.

It allows you to engage with other active members and share your queries there, which makes it popular in comparison to other websites. You can download anime series to watch them.


These were some of the famous sites to download anime for free. You can browse through these websites or search for the anime you are looking for. Most of these sites allow you to download anime, while some allow online streaming for free.

Disclaimer:- Do not download any content that is protected by copyright laws; you can download the free to download content only.

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