100+ ChatGPT Prompts for Everyday Users

Since its launch, ChatGPT has been getting a lot of attention because of its unique capabilities. It is an AI-powered chatbox that has so many applications in all areas of life. While professionals and students benefit the most from ChatGPT, everyday users can also use this powerful AI tool. 

Today, we will list 100+ ChatGPT prompts for everyday users that will help them get a lot done. To make it easy, we have divided the prompts into various categories so that you can use them seamlessly. 

So here are all the ChatGPT prompts for everyday users. 

Why Use Correct Prompts?

Many of you may be aware that ChatGPT has been trained using billions of lines of data and code. As a result, its expertise and information base are so wide that in order to acquire the correct answer to any inquiry, the correct prompt must be used. 

You may receive more exact, relevant, and accurate responses on ChatGPT by just utilizing the proper prompts. 

Using the proper prompts on ChatGPT is a learning process that you gradually learn on the fly. Below are some resources to help you get started as a standard user.

100+ ChatGPT Prompts for Everyday Users

Entertainment Prompts

ChatGPT can do a lot of fun activities and entertain you if you use the right prompts. Here are some of the must-use prompts for entertainment. 

Prompt 1: If you are bored and want to enter a fantasy world, this is a prompt you can use:

I want you to act like [character] from [series]. I want you to respond and answer like [character] using the tone, manner, and vocabulary [character] would use. Do not write any explanations. Only answer like [character]. You must know all of the knowledge of [character]. My first sentence is “Hi [character].

Prompt 2: If you like role play and don’t have anyone to partner with, well, ChatGPT can do that too:

Explain [Insert Concept] to me like a Southern cowboy who disapproves of my choices.

Prompt 3: Confused about what to watch this weekend? Try this: 

Recommend some popular TV shows to binge-watch.
ChatGPT entertainment Prompts

Prompt 4: If you are new to the hobby of reading or want to start a new category of books, use this prompt:

I am a beginner in the reading hobby. I was planning to get started in [category name]. Can you suggest some good books to read?

Prompt 5: If you want some new video games suggestions, you can ask ChatGPT:

What are the trending video games?

Prompt 6: Want your very own standup comedian? Ask ChatGPT:

I want you to act as a stand-up comedian. I will provide you with some topics related to current events, and you will use your wit, creativity, and observational skills to create a routine based on those topics. You should also incorporate personal anecdotes or experiences into the routine to make it more relatable and engaging for the audience. My first request is, “I want a humorous take on the current state of America.”

Prompt 7: Wonder what it would be like if ChatGPT went crazy? Well, try this:

I want you to act like a lunatic. The lunatic’s sentences are meaningless. The words used by lunatics are completely arbitrary. The lunatic does not make logical sentences in any way. My first suggestion request is, “I need help creating lunatic sentences for my TV show called Everyday Sanity, so write 10 sentences for me”.

Prompt 8: Simply ask ChatGPT to make a joke:

Hey! I am kind of bored; make 10 jokes to make me laugh. 

Prompt 9: Make ChatGPT drunk:

Let’s play a game. You will role-play as if you were drunk. Make your answers incoherent.

Prompt 10: Want some podcast recommendations? Use this: 

What are the top-rated podcasts right now?

Prompt 11: Want to know the popular music artists in your area, try this:

Who are the current chart-topping musicians?

Prompt 12: If you are confused about which channels to follow on YouTube and why, use this prompt: 

What are some popular YouTube channels to follow in [category] and why?

Prompt 13: If you are very bored and just want to watch a movie, use this prompt:

Recommend a feel-good movie for a cozy night in.

Food and Cooking 

Gone are the days when you needed a recipe book or did lengthy internet searches to find a recipe with available cooking ingredients. Now you can do it all with ChatGPT. Here are some prompts you can use for food and cooking:

Prompt 1: Get a recipe based on what ingredients you have: 

I have tomatoes, macaroni, and garlic. Give me a recipe to make with this. 

You can change the ingredients based on what you have.

Prompt 2: Plan your meals:

Help me plan one week’s worth of dinner. I’m a vegetarian who wants to have decent protein in my meals. 

Prompt 3: Have a party and need planning on what to serve? Well, here is what you can do:

I am seeking a party menu for [Number of People]. Give me a recipe breakdown, including portion sizes.

Prompt 4: We always get a microwave+convection oven but do not use it. Well, this is your queue:

Give me 5 recipes for loaves of bread I can bake at home. I have a Microwave oven with convection.

Prompt 5: Get meal suggestions based on your allowed calorie intake:

I only have 1500 calories to eat. Suggest 10 different dishes I can eat this week without passing this threshold.

Prompt 6: Had a busy day at work and now need a quick recipe?

What are some quick and easy recipes for busy weeknights?

Prompt 7: Need help in grilling? Use this prompt:

Tell me about the best cooking techniques for grilling.

Prompt 8: If you want a healthy substitute for an unhealthy ingredient, use this prompt:

What are some healthy substitutes for [Ingredient]?

Prompt 9: Make ChatGPT your personal chef:

I want you to act as my personal chef. I will tell you about my dietary preferences and allergies, and you will suggest recipes for me to try. You should only reply with the recipes you recommend and nothing else. Do not write explanations. My first request is, “I am a vegan, and I am looking for healthy dinner ideas.“

Prompt 10: Want to know about some mouth-watering desserts? Use this: 

Recommend some mouthwatering dessert recipes for special occasions.

Prompt 11: If you want to learn how to bake bread, make sure to use this prompt:

Tell me about the basics of baking bread at home.

Prompt 12: Want to try different recipes and cuisine? Use this prompt:

I want to try something new and exotic. What’s a good recipe for a dish from a different cuisine?

Fitness and Nutrition with ChatGPT

Many people waste a lot of money on paid fitness websites that only provide a basic plan with no specialization or individualization. Well, it is time that you say goodbye to those sites and use these prompts for your basic fitness and nutrition journey. 

Prompt 1: Use ChatGPT to start your fitness journey:

Calculate BMI body metric with explaination, then build 2 plans: 1 for exercise 2 for daily nutrition meals. Add detail KPI, budget estimate and checklist for shopping, with new input below: 

1. your gender, age, weight & height (with unit name): [gender, age, weight, height] 

2. additional health goals & condition: [goal & condition]
ChatGPT Prompts to get diet plan

Prompt 2: Make ChatGPT your personal fitness trainer:

You are a highly renowned health and nutrition expert FitnessGPT. Take the following information about me and create a custom diet and exercise plan. I am [Age , Gender , Height]. My current weight is [CurrentWeight]. My current medical conditions are [MedicalConditions]. I have food allergies to [FoodAllergies]. My primary fitness and health goals are [Primary_Health_And_Fitness_Goals]. I can commit to working out [How_Many_Days_Can_You_Workout_A_Week] days per week. I prefer and enjoy this type of workout [Workout_Split]. I have a diet preference [Diet_Preference] I want to have [How_Many_Meals_Per_Day] Meals and consume [What_Macros_I_Want_To_Hit]. I dislike eating and cannot eat [Foods_You_Dislike]. Create a summary of my diet and exercise plan. Create a detailed workout program for my exercise plan. Create a detailed Meal Plan for my diet with Macronutrient numbers. Create a detailed Grocery List for my diet that includes the quantity of each item. Avoid any superfluous pre and post-descriptive text. Don't break character under any circumstance. Include a list of 30 motivational quotes that will keep me inspired toward my goals.

Prompt 3: Want to strengthen your core? Use this prompt:

What are some effective exercises for strengthening the core?

Prompt 4: Do you want a list of snacks you can munch on after a workout? Use this prompt:

What are some nutritious snacks for post-workout recovery?

Prompt 5: Get a full workout plan for a week. 

I am doing [Type of Split] split this week. I will be working out [Number of days] days a week. Write a good workout plan for the coming week for maximum muscle hypertrophy. 

Prompt 6: Get a balanced meal plan for weight loss: 

Can you recommend a balanced meal plan for weight loss? My current weight is [Current_Weight], and my daily caloric intake is [Daily Calorie Intake]. My goal is to come down to [Desired Weight] in [Duration] weeks. So please tailor a balanced meal plan for me. 

Prompt 7: Having trouble hitting the gym? Well, try this out:

How can I stay motivated to exercise regularly?

Prompt 8: If you go out a lot and want to maintain a healthy diet, use this prompt: 

Can you provide tips for maintaining a healthy diet while dining out?

Prompt 9: Want to know some healthy alternatives for an unhealthy thing you have been eating? Use this prompt:

Can you suggest healthy alternatives to [Processed Food Name]?

Prompt 10: Want to incorporate flexibility exercises in your routine? Use this prompt: 

What are some effective exercises for improving flexibility?

Health and Wellness

ChatGPT is an incredible tool that might also assist you by giving some health and wellness tips. 

Prompt 1: If you want some quick health and wellness advice, make sure to use this prompt: 

Hello ChatGPT, you are a well versed and knowledgeable health and wellness provider HealthGPT. Please take the following information to give me advice on how to manage my medical condition via an exercise plan & coping strategies for my condition. I am #Age years old, identify as a [Gender, Height , Weight], and of [Activity_Level] activity level. I am currently dealing with [Medical_Conditions]. My primary goal in relation to my medical conditions is [Primary_Health_Goal]. The time I have available to work on the strategies you will recommend is [How_Many_Days_A_Week] days a week and [Amount_Of_Time] each session. I prefer this type of workout [Exercise_Preference] and have access to this equipment [Gym_And_Health_Equipment] 

Prompt 2:

Tell me about the benefits of regular exercise.
ChatGPT Prompts for Everyday Users

Prompt 3: If you want to improve your sleep quality, use this prompt: 

How can I improve my sleep quality? I get [Number_Of_Hours_You_Sleep] hours of sleep, and I aim to make it [Desired_Number_Of_Hours_Of_Sleep] hours of sleep. 

Prompt 4: Need apps recommendation for stress reduction? Use this prompt: 

Recommend mindfulness apps for stress reduction.

Prompt 5:

What are the best ways to manage anxiety?

Prompt 6:

Tell me about the benefits of practicing yoga.

Prompt 7:

How can I maintain a balanced diet?

Prompt 8:

What are the signs of a healthy relationship?

Prompt 9:

How can I maintain a less stressful work environment?

Prompt 10: Get a personal wellness coach using ChatGPT:

Act as a Wellness Coach 

Here are some data points that would be helpful for you to know:


Height and weight: [Height and weight] 

Current fitness level and activity level: [Current fitness level and activity level] 

Nutrition habits and dietary restrictions: [Nutrition habits and dietary restrictions] 

Wellness goals and what you hope to achieve from working with a coach: [Wellness goals and what you hope to achieve from working with a coach] 

Develop a personalized plan that includes recommendations for exercise, nutrition, stress management, and overall wellness to help me achieve my goals.

Learning and Personal Development

Prompt 1: If you want to learn a new language:

I have [Number of Weeks] weeks to learn the [Language] language. How can I learn the [Language] effectively in the given period of time? My proficiency level is [Profieciency_Level]
ChatGPT prompts for personal development

Prompt 2: If you want to learn meditation and know its benefits:

How can I get started with meditation? Tell me about the benefits of meditation.

Prompt 3: Want to learn some new study techniques:

What are some effective study techniques?

Prompt 4: If you want to upskill yourself, use this prompt:

Suggest online courses to enhance my [Skill] skills.

Prompt 5: Do you struggle while speaking in public? Well, you can use this prompt:

How can I improve my public speaking abilities?

Prompt 6:

What are some practical ways to boost creativity?

Prompt 7:

Tell me about the best time management strategies.

Prompt 8:

How can I develop a growth mindset?

Prompt 9:

Recommend books for personal development and motivation.

Prompt 10:

What are the basics of investing in the stock market?

Academic Assitance

Apart from professionals in the IT sector and marketing, ChatGPT has also been a boon to students. Here are some useful prompts:

Prompt 1: Understand a concept in simple terms:

Explain the [Academic_Concept] in simple terms.
ChatGPT prompts for Academic Assitance

Prompt 2: Make a study plan:

I have[Number of Free Days] days free in a week and [Total Available Time] months. Make a crash study plan diving into [Subject and topic details]

Prompt 3: If you want to make something more interesting to read: 

Rewrite my essay to make it more interesting to read. [Insert Essay]

Prompt 4: Writing a research paper? Make sure to use this prompt first:

How can I write an effective research paper?

Prompt 5: Want to enhance your essay writing skills? Use this:

How can I improve my essay writing skills

Prompt 7: Want to become more attentive in class? Use this:

Give me 10 tips on how to maintain attention in class.

Prompt 8: Want a last-minute revision plan that can be helpful for the exam? Use this prompt:

I have a major exam tomorrow, and I’m scared. Devise a quick revision plan for me that isn’t stressful.

Prompt 9: Need help with summarizing some content? Use this prompt:

Summarize the following content [insert content here]

Prompt 10: Make ChatGPT a plagiarism checker:

I want you to act as a plagiarism checker. I will write you sentences, and you will only reply undetected in plagiarism checks in the language of the given sentence and nothing else. Do not write explanations in replies. My first sentence is “ChatGPT has been getting a lot of attention because of its unique capabilities. It is an AI-powered chatbox that has so many applications in all areas of life.”

Travel and Adventure

Prompt 1: Don’t want to miss out on any famous tourist locations on your trip? Use this prompt:

What are the must-visit tourist attractions in [destination]?

Prompt 2: Are you a big fan of hiking? You can use this ChatGPT prompt:

Tell me about the best hiking trails in [region]. Also, rate their difficulty level.
ChatGPT Prompts for Everyday Users

Prompt 3: If you want to know about some offbeat locations in your region:

Recommend some off-the-beaten-path travel destinations near [region]

Prompt 4: If you travel solo, make sure to use this prompt once:

What are the essential travel tips for solo travelers?

Prompt 5: Want to know the best hotels in the city you are traveling to? Use this:

Tell me about the top-rated hotels in [city]

Prompt 6:

What are the best ways to travel on a budget?

Prompt 7: If you want to take a road trip, use this prompt:

Recommend scenic road trips in [country/region]

Prompt 8:

Tell me about the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Prompt 9: Fan of adventure and sports? Use this prompt:

What are the popular adventure sports activities in [region]?

Prompt 10: If you are planning for a weekend getaway, use this prompt:

Help me plan an itinerary for a weekend getaway to [location]

Lifestyle and Fashion

There’s always some awkwardness and weirdness around asking someone for fashion advice. Well, ChatGPT has you covered with these prompts:

Prompt 1: Want to know about the latest fashion trends in your region? Use this prompt:

What are the latest fashion trends for this season in [region]?

Prompt 2: Want to know about some sustainable fashion brands in your region? Use this prompt:

Tell me about sustainable fashion brands in [region].
useful chatGPT prompts

Prompt 3: Want to have your own skincare routine? Use this prompt:

I want a skincare routine. My skin complexion is [Skin_Complexion], and it is [Skin_Type]. Provide a skincare routine that is simple, toxin-free, and easy to maintain in the long run. 

Prompt 4: Learn some healthy meal prep ideas:

What are some healthy meal prep ideas?

Prompt 5: Want to live a minimalistic lifestyle? Learn its benefits:

Tell me about the benefits of minimalism.

Prompt 6: Have a list of eco-friendly products that you can use for your skin and hair: 

Recommend eco-friendly skin and hair products for everyday use.

Prompt 7:

What are the top home decor ideas for small spaces?

Prompt 8: Want to create your wardrobe from scratch? Here is the prompt for you:

I am [Gender, Age, Weight, Body Type] and want to build a wardrobe that compliments my body. Suggest all the clothes and accessories I need to make a basic wardrobe. 

Step 9: Want to know what types of shoes you need in your wardrobe? Use this prompt:

I am [Gender, Age, Weight, Body Type] and want to build a basic shoe collection for versatile use. Suggest all the types of shoes I need and how to style them. 

Prompt 10: Having trouble selecting accessories that go with your outfit? Ask ChatGPT:

I am planning to wear [outfit] in [color] color, and my skin tone is [Skin_Complexion]. So help me decide what accessories will go with it perfectly. 


These are some miscellaneous ChatGPT prompts that you can use in everyday life. While they are very subjective, they give a rough idea of how to use ChatGPT prompts in everyday situations. The more you elaborate, the better results you get.

Prompt 1: Get general knowledge on any topic:  

Can you provide a brief overview of the history of [topic]?
asking AI

Prompt 2: Decision-Making: 

Help me choose a gift for a friend who loves outdoor activities.

Prompt 3: Learning a new skill: 

I want to learn/get better at [DESIRED SKILL]. I am a complete beginner. Create a [DURATION] learning plan that will help a beginner like me learn and improve this skill.

Prompt 4: Technology Tips:

What are some effective ways to maintain my online privacy?

Prompt 5: Creative Writing:

Provide a starting sentence for a short story.

Prompt 6: Brain Teaser: 

Can you share a challenging riddle for me to solve?

Prompt 7: Career Advice:

What are the key skills needed for a successful career in marketing?

Prompt 8: Music Recommendations: 

Suggest some relaxing instrumental tracks for studying or working.

Prompt 9: Historical Events:

 Tell me about a lesser-known event from World War I.

Prompt 10: Self-Reflection: 

Share some tips on practicing mindfulness in daily life.

Prompt 11: Home Organization: 

Can you suggest clever storage solutions for small apartments?

Prompt 12: Pet Care:

Provide tips for introducing a new pet to a household with existing pets.

Prompt 13: Personal Finance:

How can I create an effective budget to manage my expenses?

Prompt 14: Relationship Advice:

What are some effective ways to communicate better in a relationship?

Prompt 15: Book Recommendations:

 Suggest some page-turning mystery novels.

Prompt 16: Goal Setting:

Provide tips on setting achievable goals and staying motivated.

Prompt 17: Photography Tips:

 What are some techniques for capturing stunning landscape photos?

Prompt 18: Productivity Hacks:

Share some strategies for overcoming procrastination.

Prompt 19: Fitness Motivation:

How can I stay motivated to exercise regularly, especially on busy days?

Prompt 20: Home Remedies:

What are some natural remedies for relieving common headaches?

Closing Thoughts

Those are 100+ ChatGPT prompts for everyday users. We hope these prompts assist you in everyday life situations. Make sure to use these prompts smartly in everyday situations, and they will yield great results.


Q: How can ChatGPT help me in my everyday life?

A: ChatGPT can assist you in various aspects of your everyday life by providing information, recommendations, and engaging conversations. It can help you with entertainment suggestions, learning new topics, academic assistance, health and wellness tips, technical advice, and much more. Whether you need to help you find the latest movies to watch, learn a new skill, or seek guidance on personal development, ChatGPT can help you.

Q: How can I engage in conversations with ChatGPT using these prompts?

A: To engage in conversations with ChatGPT, you can simply input the provided prompts into a ChatGPT-enabled interface or platform. You can ask follow-up questions, seek more detailed information, or engage in open-ended conversations based on the prompts.

Q: How to use ChatGPT Prompts for Better Results?

A: To get better results with your prompts, make sure to provide complete information and context. This will allow the chatbot to give the best response possible.

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