What is Midjourney AI and How to Use It?

Have you seen those hyper-realistic AI images on social media lately? They look so stunning, and people have posted them for a while now. Well, all credit goes to Midjourney AI. It is one of the best AI tools for converting text prompts into art. The tool uses machine learning to create hyper-realistic art. 

If you have seen a hyper-realistic image of a god lately, chances are that it is created using Midjourney AI. 

Today, we will learn about Midjourney AI and how to use it. So let’s dive right in!

What is Midjourney AI?

Midjourney is an AI tool that converts text prompt into images and art. You can use it to create art from prompts or provide photos to make art with them. 

As of now, the tool is accessible through Discord only. So to use Midjourney, you will have to use Discord as well. 

What Can It Do?

Midjourney has a lot of applications in the real world. Since the tool can turn your imagination into art, you can create graphics for your school, college projects, and website. Then you can also use it to create ads, logos, and more. The application of Midjourney AI is endless for photos. 

How to Use Midjourney?

Getting Started

As of now, Midjourney is only accessible via Discord. So to use Midjourney, you must set up a Discord account first. You can use the web version as well as Android/iOS apps to join Discord.

If you already have a Discord account, follow the steps below. Otherwise, first, install Discord on your device and sign up with the platform. 

1: Go to Discord and log in to the app. 

Discord homepage

2: Go to MidJourney official site and click the “Join the Beta” option in the bottom right corner. This will redirect you to your Discord account.

how to use Midjourney

3: Click on Accept Invite

join midjourney

4: You will now see the Midjourney icon on your Discord account. 

5: Click on the Midjourney icon to open the bot. 

Midjourney AI bot

Step 6: Join any of the newbie channels from the sidebar. For example, we joined the newbies-124 channel to get started. Make sure you join the newbie channel if this is your first time. 

How to use Midjourney AI

Step 7: You can see all the results posted by the community. This will also give you a good idea of how to use the prompts. 

Using Prompts to Create Art

To create art from a prompt, here is what you have to do:

In the message box, type the following prompt:


And hit enter

For example, one prompt can be: 

/imagine a cute cat doing moonwalk in the rain
prompts to create arts

The usual wait time is around 1-2 minutes. So you can scroll up in the messages to find your results. 

You can also click on the inbox icon on the top-right and then click on Mentions. Then click on the results and then click on Jump

find photo in Midjourney

You will find four image variants, and you can save them all. 

Upscaling and Generating Variants of Images

Below the image results, you will find several buttons named U1, U2, U3, and U4 on the top row and V1, V2, V3, and V4 on the bottom. 

The U1 to U4 buttons will upscale images 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively. Then the button V1 to V4 will generate a new variant for images 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively.

You can use these buttons to regenerate or scale any image you didn’t like, or you can also click on the refresh icon next to U4 to regenerate entire results. 

In our case, we liked the first image, so we decided to create more variants. So we clicked on V1.

Creating variants on Midjourney AI

To access the results, we clicked on the inbox icon on the top-right and then clicked on Mentions. Finally, we could see the results and clicked on Jump next to them.

regenerate art in midjourney

Similarly, you can upscale the image you like using the U1 to U4 buttons for images 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively. Upscaling will enhance the quality of the picture. 

Creating Art from Your Images

Midjourney AI doesn’t only work for imagination; you can also use it for your actual photos and add a touch of imagination to them. Here is how you can create art from your own images. Here is how it works:

1: Click the “+” icon beside the message box. Then click on Upload a File.

edit own photos using mid journey

2: Choose the photos to upload and press enter to upload the image. 

3: Scroll up to find your photo, then click on it. Now, right-click and then click on Copy image address

copy image url

Step 4: It is the same as using the prompt to create art. You have to type the prompt like this: 


For example, we used the following prompt:

/imagine IMAGE_URL_ADDRESS make art

And hit enter. 

imagine /image URL

The usual wait time is around 1-2 minutes. So you can scroll up in the messages to find your results. 

ai art from own photos

You can also click on the inbox icon on the top-right and then click on Mentions. Then click on the results and then click on Jump

This is the basics of Midjourney; you can create almost any type of image as per your imagination. Just come up with descriptive prompts to get exceptional results.

Combining ChatGPT with Midjourney AI for Commercial Use

The things we discussed above were more on the fun side, and while that is great, Midjouney AI is not just limited to generating fun images. You can also use it for commercial purposes. However, you must learn how to create effective prompts to make Midjourney AI efficient. 

For that, you can utilize ChatGPT. You can describe what you want to ChatGPT and then ask what it should look like. 

For instance, we asked ChatGPT to give us some ideas about a landing page for a website that sells computer parts. We also added a few details like color and images it would have. 

using chatgpt for midjourney ai prompts

ChatGPT gave us a good description of how the site should look like. 

Then we simply took the prompt and pasted it on Midjourney AI as a prompt. 

generate prompts

The results we got were surprisingly good. It all comes down to how effectively you can use the prompts. 

create graphics with AI

It is not limited to web graphics only, but you can design charts, graphs, YouTube thumbnails, and much more.

Checking Usage on MidJourney AI

Remember that we are using the beta program to use Midjourney AI. It is a paid service, so the beta program will only provide limited access to the service. You can check your usage info with the following prompt in the message box:


And hit enter

You will be able to see your profile information here. Focus on the “Fast Time Remaining” column, as it indicates how many images you can create. It shows in CPU time(minutes). For one minute, you can create one image. 

check usages

Subscription Plans 

Midjourney AI is a paid service with different pricing depending on duration and type of service. You can simply type the following prompt in the message box to see the subscription plans: 


And hit enter

This will show you a link, go to the link and select the subscription plan that suits you. 

Once you buy a subscription plan, head back to Discord and open the Midjourney bot. 

One of the most significant advantages of this will be that you can now create art independently without joining any newbie channel or community. 

subscribe to midjourney

It will suit people who want to organize their work and keep all the AI-generated images in one place. 

Adding Midjourney Bot to Your Server

You can add the Midjourney AI bot to your server. Here is how to do it: 

1: On the bottom left, click the “+” icon to Add a Server

add midjourney bot to own server

2: Now click on Create My Own

create a discord server

3: Give it a name and click on Create

customise server

4: Now go to the Midjourney bot again and click on the Midjourney bot. 

midjourney bot

5: Then click on Add to Server

add to server

6: Select your server using the drop-down menu. Click on Continue

7: Then click on Authorize

authorize bot on discord

Now, if you open the newly created server, you can interact with the Midjouney bot directly.  

adding midjourney ai bot to discord server

With the paid plans, you can create more images and manage all the art in one dashboard.

Writing Effective Prompts

Your art depends on the prompt you provide to the bot; if you describe the details, it will create outstanding images. The Midjourney bot breaks the words and phrases into small pieces called tokens. A well-crafted prompt will result in unique and amazing images.

It also supports parameters to instruct the bot about image quality, aspect ratio, style, and other parameters.

For example, below is a basic prompt.

/Imagine [A beautifful scene from forest with lions]

However, you can include parameters as:

/Imagine [A beautifful scene from forest with lions --HD, --aspect 2:4, --no trees]

The above command will create an HD image of lions in the forest without trees with an aspect ratio of 2:4.

Keep in mind lengthy prompts might not result in the best pictures. Always write what you want to create.

Specify the details like – Lighting, Environment, Subject, Medium, Mood, Color, and Composition.

Copyright Policy of MidJourney Generated Images

When it comes to copyright, Midjourney has mixed thoughts. As a free user, it grants you Creative Commons Noncommercial 4.0 license. You can not use generated images for commercial purposes.

However, if you buy their paid plans, you can bypass some restrictions. The commercial usage depends on the image type. If it includes a famous celebrity or copyrighted art, then do not use them commercially. If the image has no link to any copyrighted work, then you own the copyright.

It also varies from country to country.

All the images on Discord public chat can be reused and remixed by other users.

There are some copyright claims on created images as well. The US Copyright Office says you can’t copyright Midjourney-generated images.

Closing Thoughts 

That is all about what Midjourney AI is and how to use it. You must set up the Midjourney bot in your Discord by joining their beta program. Midjourney is an AI tool that can generate images from prompts. Follow all the steps carefully, and let us know if you face any difficulties. 

FAQs About Midjourney

Q: What is Midjourney AI?

A: Midjourney AI is a tool that uses AI and ML to generate art/images from prompts.

Q: How can I Use Midjourney AI?

A: To use Midjourney AI, add the Midjourney bot to your Discord. Then you must join a newbie channel to learn how to use the prompts.

Q: Is Midjourney AI Free?

A: No, Midjourney AI is a paid service, and you can only generate up to 25 images for free in the beta program.

Q: Can Midjourney Turn My Photos into Art?

A: Yes, Midjouney can turn any photo into art. 

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