How to Get Start Menu (button) On windows 8/8.1 & Windows 10

Windows 8 does not employ a Start Menu like the older version of Windows. If you are a prime user of Windows 7 then after the upgrade you will find it confusing and hard to adapt the new Metro-style Menu.

Non-tech savvy users found Windows 8 really annoying because they couldn’t found a Menu button. The absence of the menu button stops you to access different installed programs and Windows tools instantly.

You can always search for the program on Windows 8 but sometimes you if don’t know the program name you could simply look at start menu.

There is no option to enable start menu in Windows 8. You need to install third-party Menus that exactly look like the original one. And it should support a great look, color, customization, indexing, search, and many other features.

One can enable the program’s shortcut menu on the taskbar by adding some piece of code but it won’t look like the actual menu. So we have installed and tested some start Menus by different publishers

Like the image below.

How to Bring Back Start Menu in Windows 8

Now it’s time to get the start menu back to the regular one as we had in windows 7, this is going to be similar to the old start button with almost the same features.

1. Start Menu 8

The first one is the Start Menu by iObit. It is quite popular among users that offer the exact same windows 8 menu with a start icon.

Follow these steps to enable the start menu by iObit

  1. Go to the official website and download Start Menu 8.
  2. It will download the program “sm8-setup.exe”
  3. Install this program.
  4. Customize the setting and select the windows 8 logo button.

You can select from different icons from the given option. iObit start menu is fast and does not lag at all. You can customize the whole right pane as per your need.

It does employ an efficient search algorithm to search your files and programs 20% faster than the pre-installed menu in Windows 7.

Watch this video for more details.

You can customize the button, Menu color, text color, Menu items, Menu background color, and search box, fully customizable and even you can switch to Metro UI whenever you want.

Also, you can reveal a hidden menu inside Windows 8 that can be accessed by pressing Win+X key together. Or Right-click on the start button and you will get this menu.

windows 8 start menu

This menu does have options to open different administrative tools like Program and features, System, Power options, Disk management, command prompt, etc along with shutdown & sign out options.

You can install this program on Windows 8.1 and 10 as well. It will replace the existing menu with customized options. Many users don’t like the start menu of Windows 10. Since all the options are linked to the Windows 10 newer settings window.

For example, if you want to open program and features and then you need to click on the Settings gear icon that will take you to different settings of Windows 10.

With the third party menu, you can easily navigate to “Program and Features” on a single click.

2. Classic Start

There is another popular option among users that revert Windows 8 menu to Windows 7 classic style menu. This is called Classic Menu developed by Classic Shell.

You can download it from Go to the site and find the Classic Start listed under utilities. Then click on “Get Your Ninite” it will download the installer and Classic Start with it.

This will install Windows 7 like start menu on Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. There are some customization options available to adapt as per your needs.

That’s All, these 2 programs are quite popular to get start menu back. The best part is both programs work on the latest version of Windows without any issue.

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