browser hijacker removal from Chrome, Firefox and IE.

 You open your browser and how often you get a toolbar on it, probably every time you remove a toolbar after some time it is acquired by  new one these are not only annoying but also shows you bogus ads and redirect you to different webpages, sometimes these adware are so smart which can obtain your browsing data, sites cookies and your IP address, one of them is  browser hijacker which do the same annoying job.

How to remove Dosearches from your computer.

Basically,  comes with much free software like desk 360, free file opener, video players which you install and you just clicking next and next during installation without un-checking toolbar options.
It also changes default link to dosearches in every shortcut of browsers.


Follow these Steps to Remove –

First, go to your control panel and navigate to Programs and files area and the look for possible adware like desk 360, Software informer and desktop customization software and uninstall them.


Removing do searches from Internet Explorer.-
1. Go to Internet Options from the gear menu at the top right corner in IE and change your homepage.
2. Now go to short cut of internet explorer which is on the desktop do a right click and go to properties.



3. In the Short cut tab check that if you have some link in Target text box, Delete everything which is After “C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”

dosearches removal
4. Delete the whole line of  Dosearches and hit OK.
5. Now Remove all other Shortcut of IE like from Taskbar and Start Menu and Replace with one which you have fixed.


Removing DoSearches from Google Chrome:-

1. Go to Settings in chrome and change Homepage Address to your choice.
2. Go to Extensions and delete doSearches extension.


dosearches removal


3. Now go to Shortcut of Google chrome and follow the same Step which you did for removing Do Searches from Internet Explorer.


dosearches removal chrome


After changing the Target URL hit Apply and OK, it will reset start page to your homepage.


Removing dosearches from Mozilla Firefox.

  1.  Open Firefox and go to the Menu which is at the left top corner.
  2.  Click on Add-ons, it will open the Extension page.

dosearches removal firefox

3. Now look for do searches extension and disable it.

dosearches removal firefox

4. Again go to Firefox Menu > options and change homepage to your favorite site, and save the settings.

One can also Remove dosearches browser hijacker by Resetting Firefox to its default settings, which will remove the settings applied to do searches or any other browser hijacker. Once you will restore Firefox it will also Erase your browsing history, favorite website and personal settings.

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