How to Remove Browser Redirect from Chrome, Firefox & IE or istartpageing is another unwanted browser redirects that keep you redirecting to different rogue websites and shows you annoying advertisements again and again.

This (misspelled as istartpaging) generally comes with free software, pirated programs, and from rogue websites. Like if you are looking for any crack or keygen of any software then you may end up installing those bogus programs and you get affected by into all of your browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Sometimes you install free programs that also offer you to install such kind of adware and you click on the Next and Next option very fast without unchecking these options.


Remove Adware from Windows Computer

Once gets into your Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, or Windows 10 computer you need to remove associated program files and registry entries from the computer.

Follow these steps to remove browser redirect-

  1. First of all close all the browsers and other running programs.
  2. Right, Click on Taskbar and open Task Manager.
  3. Go to the Processes tab, and check the Background Processes, if you find any unusual process then Right Click on it and hit End Task below is the list of such processes –
    1. DTools
    2. hnsdDC83.tmp
    3. Conduit
    4. Any other process having .tmp extension.
  4. Now Open Control Panel and go to Program and Features.                                                                                                 control panel

Once you open Program and features you will find the list of all installed programs on your computer, now you have to look for the following programs if you find any of them then double click and uninstall it.

  • Cinema plus HD
  • iweber
  • Youtube downloader
  • Daily PC scan
  • Shopper Pro
  • MovieDea
  • Browser protect
  • Video Saver
  • VPlay
  • Less Tab etc

But if you remove these programs using windows uninstaller you won’t be able to remove their registry entries and leftovers. To uninstall them completely you need to download Iobit Uninstaller, download and install IObit uninstaller, open it, and uninstall these programs.

Select the program and click on Uninstall, after uninstalling perform a Powerful Scan it will find all the leftovers and registry entries, select them all and delete.

istartpageing remove

After uninstalling bogus programs and deleting the leftovers Click on Toolbars and Plugins.

Find the unwanted plugins and extensions, check their publisher and rating according to that you can differentiate between good and bad extensions,

You may find any of these extensions and plugin listed below-

  1. Extension Rush
  2. Cinema Plus
  3. iQiyi Browser plugin
  4. iweber
  5. npWeb Player
  6. Object Browser
  7. QQPCMgr
  8. Any kind of Chinese extension

Select all bad extensions and Remove them.

Delete browser adware from all the Browsers

All the steps listed above will remove the root cause of like associated programs, files, and registry entries, now we have to clean all the browsers by changing their settings, removing extensions and add-ons.

Remove from Google Chrome Browser

To remove istartpageing completely from Google Chrome follow the steps listed below-

1. Open Google Chrome and go to Chrome Options by clicking on 3 little dots at the Top-Right corner.

2. Go to Settings and click on Set Pages, remove, and other unwanted URLs, and hit OK.


3. Under the Search option, change your default search engine and click on Manage Search Engines, now you need to delete unwanted search engines including

4. Go to Extensions by clicking on the Extensions option on the left side and remove rogue extensions, if you don’t know which extension is good and which is bad try searching that extension on Google and you’ll get the answer.

The above steps will remove from Google Chrome, you can also try resetting Google Chrome without reinstall, which will instantly remove istartpageing from Chrome.

Removing from Mozilla Firefox

Istartpageing is a kind of adware that affects every browser if you have Firefox installed into your Windows computer then follow these steps to remove from Firefox –

1. Open Firefox and go to Menu from the top right corner and click on Options, it will take you to preferences, now you need to change your firefox

2. Go to the Search option from the left panel, change your default search provider and delete and other unwanted search engines.

firefox istartpageing

3. Again go to the Firefox menu and click on Add-ons, it will take you to the extensions page, now remove all the bad extensions including istartpageing. You can check such extensions on Google to find what they do, according to that remove bogus extensions.

istartpageing firefox extension

4.  Go to address bar type about:config and hit Enter on your keyboard, click on I’ll be careful, I promise! and search for istart in the search box. adware

You will get every Preference having istartpageing in their value, all you need to do is Right-click on these preferences and hit Reset.

Again search for browser.newtab.url in the search box, you also need to Reset this preference.

Now you won’t get on Mozilla Firefox anymore. You also reset Mozilla Firefox which will remove and other related adware. Removal from Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is an inbuilt browser by Microsoft into every windows computer then obviously, it will also be affected by adware, to clean Internet Explorer follow these steps-

1. Open Internet Explorer and go to Gear Menu at the Right-Top corner from there click on Internet Options. Alternatively, you can open internet options from the control panel.

istartpageing IE

Delete and change your homepage, click on Apply then OK.

2. Again go to the gear menu and click on ManageAd-Ons this time. It will open a list of add-ons and other options to change search providers and Tracking Protection.

ie ad-ons

If you find istartpageing and any other bogus extension then select it and hit Disable.

3. Go to search providers find unwanted search engines and remove them.

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Once you done with all these steps, Internet Explorer will work as usual without having redirect.

Watch this Video Tutorial

After removing istartpageing completely from your Windows computer and browsers it is important to perform a quick scan using Hitman Pro, check your system type (32 bit OR 64 bit), and download accordingly.

This antivirus comes free for 30 days which will completely remove all kinds of malware from your Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 computers. It will also delete all the bad cookies and tracking programs.

If you get any trouble removing please comment below, and we will help you to remove such kind of adware completely from your computer.

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