Shortcut Virus Remover Tools, Software and Antivirus to Remove Shortcut Virus

Shortcut virus is another common virus which infects the flash drive or Pendrive mostly, it does spread from one flash drive to another via computer while transferring the data.

You may be unaware if this virus has infected your Computer and Flash drive. It does create a shortcut for every file in the pen drive and make them inaccessible.

I have written a detailed article to remove shortcut virus using cmd, but some people find it difficult to execute commands over cmd. And sometimes even with the command prompt, this virus remains in the flash drive and to the computer.

To automate the shortcut virus removal process there are some tools which you can use with GUI.

Shortcut Virus Remover Tools

Here are some tools to remove shortcut virus with ease.

1.  USB Shortcut VIRUS remover by Softonic

The Remover software by Islam Galal Yehia (Developer) is available on Softonic, it is a batch file having the file size of just 24KB does a good job removing shortcut virus from the flash drive.

Download USB Shortcut virus remover and double-click to open, Click Yes on UAC Warning, it will open in form of cmd.

You just need to Enter the flash drive letter.

shortcut virus remover tool

After entering the drive letter click on => or hit Enter.

It will take some time depending on the number of files into the Flash drive and the File size.

It is a Fast and easy to use tool, but it may not work on every version of Windows and remember it is not an Antivirus.

2. Shortcut Virus Remover by Cnet

Developed by NetParkBrothers, this tool is a portable virus remover application. The 1 MB software can remove the shortcut virus from the flash drive and does recover your original files.

It does remove .vbs shortcut virus, .inf infected files and .lnk shortcuts from an infected flash drive.

Download Shortcut Virus Remover from Cnet and Install on your Windows Computer.

You need to have Win Rar or similar application to extract this software, extract and install, you will get an icon on the desktop.

Open it from desktop and Enter the USB drive letter and hit Clean Virus.

The remover tool will find and remove shortcut virus from Pendrive, once the shortcuts are gone you would able to access original files.

3. USBFix Free

This software is offered by SoSVirus is another tool to remove shortcut virus, it not only remove the virus from Flash drive but also provide protection from any future infection to your Flash drive.

USBFix completely deletes all the traces of the malware and help to rebuild the function the malware has damaged like access to the registry, task manager or displaying hidden files and folders.

Download USBFix Free and install it on your PC, you will get a desktop icon.

From the interface Click on “Run An Analysis“, here you will get another window.

Click on “Scan USB Disks” and the software will detect and scan your USB Flash drive against any type of malware, it does not only remove shortcut virus but also helps to remove several other types of USB Malware.

You can also create a full backup of your data before scanning and deleting the virus, in case if you lose your files from the flash drive then you have the backup.

All the backups are saved into C drive in USBFix Backup and UsbFixQuarantine folders.

4. USB Virus Remover by Softpedia

USB Virus remover os one of the many tools that promise to keep your flash drive safe from shortcut virus.

It has a console like interface which looks ugly but does a good job removing shortcut virus from the flash drive without breaking into files.

Download USB Virus Remover from Softpedia, extract the compressed file and install on the computer, out of several options available select “USB Virus Auto Remover” after inserting the flash drive.

It has around 80K downloads along with 3.8-star ratings which work with almost every major version of Windows like Windows XP, Vista, windows7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

It supports both 32 bit and 64 bit OS architecture.

Do not use this software to scan other drives except flash drive otherwise it may cause the problem with them.

Scanning C drive (Contains Windows files) may result in a non-functional computer.

5. Shortcut Virus Fixer by Cnet

Developed by R K Sadai Eswaran Shortcut Virus Fixer is another tool to fix broken shortcuts and hidden files and folder on your USB drive.

You just have to install this software and insert your Pendrive, you will get a prompt asking for the permission to scan your USB drive.

Download Shortcut Virus Fixer

If you hit Not Now it will not launch the scanner.

If you hit “Scan for shortcut virus” it will the Shortcut virus Fixer. You have to select USB drive letter and click the Scan button, and all the broken shortcut will show for your verification, click the Delete Shortcut button and click “Fix for Hidden Items” to clean and fix the broken files.

6. Hitman Pro

Hitman Pro does not help you to fix shortcut virus on your Flash drive, but help you to remove the root cause from the infected computer.

This virus affects the flash drive after inserting into the infected PC, if you don’t clean your PC then your Flash drive will get shortcut virus again and again, so it is a wise idea to remove the main cause of this virus.

Download Hitman Pro for your System, but first, check if you have 32bit Or 64bit Operating system and download accordingly.

It comes free for first 30 days, all you need to do is register with your Email.

The best part is you don’t have to install it on your computer for one time scan. Just download and open it then hit on the Scan button.

It will quickly find all malware installed on your computer and remove them, be careful it might give you false positive results as well.

Do check if it did mark any important DLL files as malware, if yes uncheck them before deleting.

Now, restart your PC and you won’t face shortcut problem again with your USB Flash drive.

Note – Use all the above-mentioned Shortcut Virus Remover tools to scan your USB drive only. Do not scan other drives of your Hard disk or you might face problems or may get unfunctional PC.

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