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MyStartSearch is one of the tricky adware which gets installed into your computer when you try to install any free software, crack or patch; it majorly comes when you download stuff from file-sharing websites. Such sites ask you to download their programs to get your file downloaded once you download and install them. Such unwanted programs and adware get installed into your computer. Mystartsearch is also get installed from such freeware, links from pop-up ads, crack, and patches.

MyStartSearch Removal from Windows 7, 8.1 10 & 11

When this adware gets installed into your computer, it spreads into Installed programs, Programs Files, Registry, AppData folder, and Task Manager. And it also installs its supporting programs with such names, which look like Windows files and services. So we need to remove all these files to get rid of mystartsearch. Follow the steps below-

1. Go to Start Search for Control Panel and Open it.

mystartsearch removal

From Control Panel Open Programs and Features.

Uninstall mystartsearchHere you will get a list of all installed programs; find the following Programs and Remove them-

  • AnyProtect
  • Bulk Rename Utility
  • CinPlus
  • Ge-Force
  • Mezaa
  • mystartsearch uninstall
  • OfferBLVD
  • SavePass
  • Search Protect
  • Sense
  • Shopper-Pro

You may or may not find all the above programs but mystartserach uninstall, and Search Protect must be there to find it and uninstall; ignore any warning during removal; it will ask for a security checkup, enter the shown captcha and proceed to uninstall.

Remove associated Files of mystartsearch

First, we need to find all the associated files of it and remove them properly.

1. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc   OR right-click on the taskbar and open task manager.

task manager open

You will see the list of running programs in the task manager

  • Find a Program IePlugin service
  • Right Click on it and Go to Details
  • Here you will get PluginService.exe
  • Right-click on it and End Process Tree

2. Open Computer and go to C:\Program Files (x86)  find and delete SupTab Folder.

3. Press Win + R or Search for Run, type %appdata%, and hit OK; it will take you to the Roaming folder

mystartsearch removalfind and delete mystartsearch folder.

Fixing Browsers-

1. Mystartsearch Removal from Google Chrome

1. Go to Chrome Menu chrome menu > Settings; from startup, delete mystartsearch URL and change your homepage.mystartsearch removal chrome

2. From the Search option, change your default search engine to Google or Bing, Click on Manage Search Engines and delete mystartsearch and other unwanted search providers.

mystartsearch removal from chrome

3. Click on Extension find and delete Fast Search, Mystartsearch, and other bogus extensions.


2. Mystartsearch removal from Mozilla Firefox

1.  Go to Firefox Menu Firefox menu > Options, delete mystartsearch URL and change your Homepage.

mystartsearch removal firefox

2.  Go to Menu again > Add-ons > Extension and remove Fast Search 4.3.0 and other unwanted extensions.

3.  Click on Search option > manage search engine, change your default search engine, and remove mystartsearch.

remove mystartsearch from firefox

4. Go to the address bar type about:config and hit Enter.

Click on I’ll be careful, I promise; now search for newtab, and you will get browser.newtab.url right-click on it and hit Reset.

3. Mystartsearch removal from Internet Explorer.

1. Open IE, go-to the gear menu at the top right corner, and go to the internet option. Here, remove mystartsearch URL and change your homepage.

mystartsearch removal internet explorer

2. Again, go-to gear menu> Manage Add-ons; if you find any extension of this adware, disable it; now click on Search Providers in the same window, Change your default search engine and remove mystartsearch.

Once you fix all browsers, it’s time to quickly scan your computer to find and delete any kind of malware, trojan, or suspicious file.

Download and run Hitman Pro and perform a quick scan; it will take some time. Once it is finished scanning, register yourself by using any email id, it comes free for 30 days; now, delete all found malware and viruses.

Don’t Like Reading? Watch this video tutorial.

If you face any trouble during this process, let us know in the comment.

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