Skype Login Screen Messed Up OR Login Screen Does Not Display Properly? Fix Skype Login Screen Problem.

Skype is one of the great apps for text/video chat, voice call, and many more features are provided by Skype. It keeps updated to the new versions as they are released.
A few weeks back Skype has updated the app to the newest version which sometimes gives you a messed up login screen where you get only text and also login box in the messed up form, and you can’t log in to your Skype account because of this error. This happened due to the later update of Skype which released after newer version and you get this kind of login screen which is shown below.
skype login screen

 Steps To Fix Skype Login Screen Problem –

 1. Close Skype and also quit Skype from the bottom- right notification area.

2. Go to Start and type “Run” and hit enter.

3. Now you will get the Run window and type “regedit” in this box and  hit OK.

4. Now you will get Registry Editor window, navigate to
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Classes/.css  by expanding the folder tree.


5. Select .css folder and double Click on Registry key “Content Type“, by default it has the value data as  ” application/X-css“.

6. Change the value data to “text/css” and click on OK.
You are Done !!
Video Tutorial To Fix Skype Login Screen Problem
If there is no .css folder in your registry or you face any trouble during this process you can simply download the registry patch, extract it on your desktop and double click to add you will get a pop-up click Yes to confirm.
Now open Skype again you will get a new login interface in which you can also use your Microsoft and Facebook Account  to log in.
This new Login interface really looks nice, as Skype became a part of Microsoft they made Skype more efficient by giving the option to login using your Microsoft account.
Also includes a Facebook login which makes it easier than earlier. Leave Your Comment Below For Any Question or Query. If You Found This Helpful then spread The Word.
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