Best Handwriting Apps For Note Taking On Android Devices

There are several apps to take notes on android devices, but there are a few good apps for taking handwritten notes. It is now common to take notes on the android device? If you are habitual of taking notes on your smartphone there apps will help you to quickly take notes. Today android phones have become a necessity and taking notes is a very common thing that keeps everything organized.

But it is not that easy to take notes and make it very organized on your Android device. Due to this issue handwriting apps were created to resolve the issue of taking notes where proper formatting and other major things can be done.

Using handwriting apps is better as it makes it very easy to take notes. Here are the best note-taking apps with a stylus that can easily help you to take notes.

Top Handwriting Apps For Android

While there are many apps available on Google Play Store on a few taps but finding the right app is hard and time-consuming. We have done the same and found some of the top apps for note-taking, so you don’t have to waste time installing multiple apps.

These are some of the top Apps to take handwritten notes on your Android device, you can use any of these and check which suits you better.

1. Squid

squid note app

Squid is an attractive note writing application known as Papyrus by which you can create notes in handwritten form. It allows you to create notes in PDF form on the device and save notes easily.

You can keep notes in zoom format and on any device. You can write notes with the stylus pen present in it and even can clear the mistakes easily.


  • It allows you to change multiple colors so that you can identify the most and least important items.
  • With Squid, you can create PDF markups on your device and can easily fill the blank PDF forms easily.
  • You can backup and restore your written notes so that just in case the notes are lost you can easily restore them.
  • Users can add images and crop them if needed and it also works best for tablets.

2. INKredibleINKredible handwriting app

It is a well-known note writing an application that works incredibly for android devices. It is counted amongst one of the best handwriting apps for android note-taking.

Moreover, you can upload images from your mobile in this app and can add images in your notes, or other than that you can take screenshots and can even edit them.


  • It has an automatic palm and wrist rejection feature to avoid writing unnecessary text.
  • You can avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the same.
  • It offers a great layout of writing notes and does not cover extra space on your android device.
  • A convenient setup for easy note-taking has been done so that users won’t have any problem with the layout.

3. LectureNotes

It is considered as one of the known note-taking apps with a stylus. If you are looking for paid apps to organize your notes then LectureNotes is a good choice to go with.

It also gives you an option to install LectureVideos and LectureRecordings by which users can insert audio and video along with the notes.


  • You do not require an online connection to run this application and you can easily check the number of pages it has.
  • LectureNotes takes PDF’s and images by which you can easily adjust them within your notes and give them a presentable format.
  • The application is designed to keep all the professional needs in mind and people going to the office or who are from a corporate background can prefer using this background.

4. FiiWrite

FiiWrite is a free note-taking application for its users that not only allows you to take notes but also paint. You can easily organize your notes with the sequence of dates and other important factors.

It allows users to add videos, audio notes, and images to their notes and can add various types of doodles and diagrams for a better explanation.


  • It has a stylus pen included in the app which helps in adjusting the color and thickness of the content you are writing.
  • FiiWrite has easy doodle options which help in drawing additional diagrams for easier explanation.
  • If by mistake you have deleted any of your notes you can go in the trash tab and restore your tab.

5. KeepMyNotes

If you are a beginner in writing notes and have no idea about how to write notes then you can try KeepMyNotes to create notes. There are various options to style your text and change the formatting like bold, underline, or italicize – among other things Also the notes can be saved in a sticky format for easy usage


  • All notes that you have written can easily be password protected and you can save them.
  • It can be linked to the cloud and all your data can be stored in the cloud, where the user can be logged in and watch the notes.
  • You can share your notes within other applications also, and people can easily view the notes you have shared.

6. Google Lens

google lens

Google Lens got its update recently and after its update, it got an option of writing text notes and copy it to your computer. Just install the Google Lens app on your android device and can set up your account and id on your device connected with Google Chrome on your computer.

Google Lens is undoubtedly one of the best handwriting apps for android note-taking that can use it for personal as well as professional use.


  • It is a trusted application by Google and all your data will be safe inside the notes application.
  • This app works for both android as well as ios and you can easily copy-paste your notes to different apps.
  • It can also read aloud notes that are copied to other software and can be converted into digital text.

7. Rough Animator
Rough Animator

It is an animation app with the help of it people can let you animate moving pictures. You can draw things easily can even shoot little animated movies to make your notes more valuable.

It is one of the few apps with the help of a stylus and pen support directly. It is easy to export an animation to QuickTime video, GIF, or an image sequence as well to make it easy to use for users.


  • It is a fully-featured application for android users that is easily compatible with any phone.
  • The app does not take much space on your device and is even available for ios devices.
  • It has full control timing of drawings on the timeline.

These were some of the top apps for taking handwritten notes on your Android device. You can try them and check which fits your needs better. Also, if you are using some other apps then let us know.

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