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About YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

Thumbnail downloader is a powerful tool to save thumbnail images from YouTube videos. You can save thumbnail from YouTube videos in different resolutions.

If you are a YouTuber and sometimes you want to make some changes in existing thumbnail and you don't have the original image saved on your computer, then you might want to get the original thumbnail image from your video.

The big YouTubers know the value of custom thumbnail, they don't post a single video without customizing the thumb image. A custom image that creates an eagerness to click on the video. 

Your thumbnail is the first and most powerful thing to get views. You may have seen such videos that create hype from their thumb images.

You also want to stand out and gain views by creating a custom thumbnail. 

If you are stuck and not getting any idea then you can look the thumbnail from popular YouTubers in your niche, download their thumbnail and edit as per your requirement. This will give you an initial boost in view counts.

Download Thumbnail From Your Own Videos

YouTube does not allow you to download the thumb image in full resolution even for your own videos.

If you go to video edit page you can see an option to download the image.

But when you will click on download it will redirect you to another URL with a small resolution image having a letterbox style image. You won't be able to edit such images.

In this case, you need to get the full resolution image. Our tool is the right remedy for you.

Download Any YouTube Video Thumb Image

There may be several reasons you might want to save the thumb image from a YouTube video.

  1. May be image has some text written but you can't read it due to the small size image.
  2. You want to create a similar image you liked on a video.
  3. It contains some information which you want to save.

Then you can use this tool to get the full resolution HD image from that video.

This tool will find every possible resolution from the desired video. Just enter the video URL and click on "Submit", you will see youtube thumbnail in available size to download.


1. How to download YouTube Video Thumbnail?

Ans - Go to the video on YouTube, copy the URL from the address bar and paste on the box and hit submit.

2. What are the available formats?

Ans - Available formats are 

120 * 90

320 * 180

480 * 360 SQ

640 * 480 HQ

1280 * 720 HD

3. How does this tool work?

Ans - The grabber script deployed on the website extracts images from the YouTube server.

4. Is it illegal to download YouTube Thumbnails?

Ans - No. However, downloading the full video from YouTube is against their terms.

5. Do I need to pay to use this tool?

Ans - Our tool/s are 100% FREE.

6. Can I manually download images?

Ans- Yes, Go to the address bar and type this URL- change the video ID with actual video ID. This may not work every time.

7. Can I use the same thumbnail on my YouTube Video?

Ans - While you can download the thumbnail for personal use but YouTube does not allow you to copy someone else's content in your video. (There are some exceptions as well).

8. Will I get a copyright claim by using exact thumbnail?

Ans - This is less likely but you may get copyright claim.

9. How can I upload custom thumbnail?

Ans- Check YouTube studio for available features, if custom thumbnail is enabled then you can upload a custom image.

10. How to check if someone copied my custom thumbnail?

Ans- There are millions of YouTube videos, you can not manually check.


The tool is designed to download YouTube thumbnails, you can use it for any video. We are not liable for any copyright claim and other policy violations.

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