17 Best Facebook Messenger / Instant Games To Play In 2022

Update:- Facebook messenger games have been removed from the messenger app and shifted to the main Facebook App. You can play all these games on Facebook native app and on the website.

Looking for some of the best games to play on Facebook Messenger (Now Facebook Instant Games)? The following blog post has the name of the Games which you can play right now.

Facebook is the number one social networking working site where you can get connected with family, friends, colleagues, and other people you know. On the site, you can share your favorite pictures & videos, make text chats & videos calls, and more.

Apart from this, Facebook is one of the best places to play games online. It has thousands of games which you can play alone or play with your friends. These are some of the best Facebook messenger games / Facebook instant Games favorite among users all across the globe.

What Happened To Messenger Games?

Did you open your messenger to play some games and all your favorite Facebook messenger games disappeared? Don’t panic they are not gone but shifted from messenger to Facebook native app.

You can still play all your favorite games without losing your score, game coins, and points. You just have to use the Facebook app or website to play.

The majority of the users access Facebook using the Facebook app for checking friends update and the Facebook Messenger app for sending messages and making voice & video calls.

Since Facebook and Messenger apps are different apps, and most of the users spent lots of their time using the Messenger app, the company decided to shift games from messenger to Facebook app.

How To Play Facebook Instant Games Previously Messenger Games

Earlier it was easy to play games on messenger since you were able to quickly access the games on messenger by tapping on the 4 dots beside the camera icon. Now there is only one option that is “Location

To get started with Facebook Gaming you need to open the Facebook app. And tap on the hamburger menu on the right-top corner.

From there tap on the gaming option and it will open the Facebook instant games on your app. On the Gaming page, you can see your gaming profile, gaming videos, trending gameplays, recently played games and you can also browse through all Facebook games.

If you want to play Facebook instant games on the laptop then go to Facebook Home and from the left pane click on “Explore” and then click “Gaming“.

To check all the games available on Facebook Gaming click on “See All Games“. Now it will list all games according to your interest.

The best thing about Facebook Messenger games/instant games is that they are very lightweight and loads quickly. To play games inside the Facebook app users need to access Facebook gaming.

This will take you to the screen which has a never-ending list of Facebook Messenger games / Instant Games. Select the game you want to play from the list of options.

There are the following game categories you can choose to play solo or play with friends.

  • Action games
  • Bingo
  • Board
  • Builders
  • Card games
  • MOBA Games
  • Poker & Table Games
  • Puzzles
  • Role-Playing
  • Runner
  • Simulation Games
  • Sports
  • Strategy games.

After choosing the game just tap on the game icon and it will open in full-screen mode, from there tap on “Play Now” and get ready to experience gaming on Facebook.

Now you know how can you play Facebook Instant Games then here is the list of some popular games you might like.

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Best Facebook Messenger Games / Facebook Instant Games To Play

Since there are a plethora of Messenger games/Instant Games on this screen, sometimes it confuses the people, and due to this reason, they miss the games which are best and popular among users.

To help those users I decided to write this blog post featuring the best Facebook Messenger/Instant games.

Why don’t you try those games? Here goes the first one on the list:

1. TetrisFacebook messenger games

The game offers multicolor bricks, rotating, and a quick pace when you clear the levels featuring theme music named Jaunty Russian. Tap on the block to rotate and slide to drop into the right place.

2. Galaga

In the games, you have a single chance to kill dive-bombing aliens and score the maximum points you can. The game offers you simple and easy-to-follow controls. Just slide back  & forth to shoot the spaceship.

3. Everwing

You have to play as a fairy who is flying through the airs back to back blasting never-ending demons. During this, you have to collect maximum coins, use them later to improve your weaponry. It is a casual game full of fun only.

4. Space Invader

This popular classic game is also available in Messenger. The game has simple controls, slide your finger to fight with the alien’s hoards.

5. Words With Friends

Fan of this Word Game? Why don’t you play it right from the Messenger app? The purpose of the game is to spell maximum words using the available letters. You can also challenge your friends.

6. Blackjack

blackjack facebook game

Blackjack the popular card is very popular among users. They offer you various game modes; In the Tournament mode, you need to win maximum winning from your opponent. While in the Solitary Lightening mode, you need to earn the maximum money in five hands.

7. Daily Sudoku

daily sudoku facebook gaming

If you like noodling sudoku puzzles in the daily newspaper, then try this game on Messenger, I’m sure you won’t regret it. The game offers you three different levels easy, intermediate, and hard. Quickly fill up all the boxes to earn more points.

8. Hex FRVR

facebook instant games on messenger

Hex FRVR is a game similar to Tetris, circumscribed in a Hexagon. You just need to place various multicolored hexagons into the playing area to earn more points and bonuses. Your game is over, if there is no space left in the playing area to lay down the piece.

9. Golden Boot

Facebook messenger games

This is a game dedicated to Soccer fans. It has a straightforward concept. All you have to do is beat the goalie and hit the goal. Hit more targets to earn more points. Leveling up will also increase the difficulty level for hitting a goal.

10. Brick Pop

Facebook messenger games

In the game, you will see various color tiles, Simply arrange the tiles of similar color together to disappear them. The game will be over if any single color tile remains in the play area. The game concept is simple but challenging to master.

11. 2020 Connect

Facebook messenger games 2020

2020 Connect is another puzzle game. In the game, you have to connect tiles with similar numbers to turn them into a big tile. Try to create as much bigger tiles to score high.

12. 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool

Want to play a quick set of 8 Ball Pool Game? Do it right from Messenger. Just challenge your friend to get started. The game offers you two modes, 8 Ball Mode, and the 9 Ball Mode. It all depends on you which one you want to play.

13. Uno!

Uno, the popular shedding card game is also available in Messenger. The game offers you four different modes Go Wild, Room Mode, Quick Play, 2V2 Mode. Learn the rules and start playing the one you want.

14. Snake Attack

Snake Attack is another addicting Messenger game with sweet music. In the game, you have to eat fruit on the field to turn yourself into the big snake, but beware of the monster snake in the field. Protect yourself by moving left-right in the field.

15. Bat Climb

In the game you have to help the character in reaching as high you can. Try to avoid the hindrances that come in a way by jumping left or right. You also need to collect coins to score more. You can choose whether you want to be Batman, Robin, or Batgirl.

16. Chess

Facebook messenger games

The gaming list is incomplete without a chess game and guess what Messenger also has a Chess game. Just select the player with whom you want to play. You know how to play chess right?

17. Archery 3D

archery 3d on facebook instant games

Do you love playing Archery? Then this one is one of the best archery games you can play on Facebook instant games. Find and open the game and it will show you the friends who are playing it.

You can challenge your friends for a match or you can play with random players around the globe. The game is simple you have to hit the target to achieve the points.

Try to hit the bull’s eye to get a maximum of 10 points, if you miss the target your chance of winning will decrease. There are 3 rounds of matches, the one who wins the 2 rounds will win the game.


The games have been removed from messenger apps and you have to play them on the Facebook app. There is nothing changed but the location of the games.

Note: There is no direct link to reach these games, so you need to type the name in the search area to find the game and when it appears in the results, tap play to start playing the game. OR you may have to browse through the list to find the above-listed games.

That’s it!

I hope you find this blog post useful for the best Facebook Messenger Games/ Facebook Instant Games. Let me know your favorite games in the comments below!

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Where have the games gone on messenger?

The messenger games have been moved from the messenger app to Facebook native app.
These games are now known as Facebook Instant Games. You can access all your favorite games from Facebook Gaming.
1. Open Facebook App > Tap on the hamburger menu.
2. Tap on gaming and it will show you the list of games.
3. Tap to “See all games” and you would be able to play your favorite game.

Why are my messenger games not working?

There is no issue with your messenger app or Facebook games. But the games are now available on Facebook native app.
Make sure to check the Facebook app to find games.

What happened to games on messenger?

As of today the month of April 2020, the games moved out of the Messenger app and into the Facebook Gaming tab. All the players in Messenger can access games through the Facebook app.

What is instant games on Facebook?

Facebook has introduced Instant Games to the app where you can play thousands of games instantly. These games do not install on your device, you can play them on Facebook itself in full-screen mode. There are tons of games to play solo or with friends.

How do you play games on messenger?

Now you can’t play games on messenger, but all games are still there on the Facebook app.
1. Open the Facebook app.
2. Tap on right-top corner.
3. Find the Gaming tab on Facebook main app.
4. Click to “See All Games”
5. Select the game you want to play.


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