How to Live Stream Recorded Videos on Facebook

Do you want to live stream recorded videos on Facebook? Well, Facebook allows you to live stream through your Phone/PC camera as well as from the streaming tools. These tools can help you to live stream your screen as well as the pre-recorded videos.

This allows you to edit the videos before streaming so that your audience gets the best out of you.

live stream on facebook

It is easy to notice how sharing & streaming live videos has increased the popularity of Facebook. No more proprietorship by celebs, TV studios, or government restrictions.

Anybody can stream their videos live to reach a large number of people.

These broadcasts are completely free, so why not take advantage?

How to Live Stream Recorded Videos on Facebook

1. Download OBS

You will need to download OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) from its official website.

Important tip: It’s worth mentioning that good quality streaming and live video transmission depend on the speed of your internet connection, not to mention the GPU speed of the computer itself. Also, your upload rate should be greater than 1 Mbps for better results.

The OBS offers a stable version for Windows, Mac & Linux operating systems.

At the download page, you will see two alternatives, “OBS Studio” and “OBS Classic”. Make sure you download the “OBS Studio”.

2. Set configurations on OBS

1. On the bottom left corner, you will see Scenes that assist in going live on Facebook. Right-click to Rename or simply Add a new scene.

live stream, live stream recorded videos

2. Now, add scenes to Sources by selecting +, then select Image and give it a name, then press OK.

OBS settings

3. On the next window that pops up, click on Browse to locate the image file on your computer. Choose a picture you prefer for loading the image for preview.

This means that when you live stream recorded videos, this picture will be displayed while your video is loading for the viewers.

4. You will also notice that if the chosen image is smaller in size or inappropriately cut-off. You can easily adjust it by going to the image file in the Sources and then right-clicking the mouse to open Transform and finally, Fit to screen.

5. After that’s done, you need to add another Source. Click + again, then Media Source, name it & click OK to confirm. Another window will pop up. Make sure that you uncheck the Loop option.

live  stream pre recorded videos

The Loop activates the repeat option, which means that your video will run over and over once it is done streaming.

6. Click on Browse to locate your video content on your PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Once you find it click OK.

7. If your video also becomes faulty in any manner, like not matching the size of the screen displayed or if it’s cut improperly, go to Sources and click the right mouse button to select Transform and then Fit to Screen.

live stream, live stream recorded videos

To start your video with the picture you chose for awaiting while your videos are loading.

8. Go to Sources click (^) to move it up to the top of the Media Source.

This way, the selected picture will be first thing displayed leaving behind the video to stream later after the loading processing is completed.

9. Now, go to Settings then Output to adjust the Audio & Video Bitrate according to your Internet speed.

live stream, live stream recorded videos

10. After you finish with configuration, click Apply to confirm then press OK.

11. Within Settings, you will also find the Stream option. Click on the Stream Type to change its current status to Custom Streaming Server.

live stream, live stream recorded videos

12. Underneath, you’ll also see the URL and Stream Key that you need to collect from your Facebook page to start streaming.

On Facebook, perform the following actions-

13. Open your Facebook Page and go to Publishing Tools, then select Video, then Live. Another window will pop open with the information that you need, i.e., the URL and the Stream Key.

live stream, live stream recorded videos

14. Copy the displayed URL address and paste it on OBS. Do the same for Stream Key then click Apply & OK to confirm changes.

15. Minimize OBS and go back to your Facebook Page and click Schedule.

live stream, live stream recorded videos

16. On this window, you can write a post, add tags, notes, etc. to the live stream that your audience might find useful. You may even provide links if it is a tutorial or a study class.

17. Lastly, go back to OBS, you will see at the bottom of the right-hand-side a button titled Start Streaming. It should take you a few seconds to load a recorded video depending on your Internet speed and the size of the video.

Go back to your Facebook page and once you see your video loaded there finalize this process by confirming Stream Live.

live stream, live stream recorded videos

Added Tip:

Pay close attention to the bitrate that you use in this broadcast, that is compatible with your Internet connection. To facilitate this process, here is a list of bitrates that you can pick the upload-

  • 15mb – Bit Rate for 1080p: 3000-3500
  • 10mb – Bit Rate for 720p: 1800-2500
  • 5mb – Bit Rate for 480p: 900-1200
  • 2mb – Bit Rate for 360p: 600-800
  • 1mb – Bit Rate for 240p: 500

The advantage you gain by live streaming recorded videos is that you can do it from the comfort of your home and can stream either on your Facebook fan page or personal profile by simply following the steps mentioned above and you will get it right.

By using the above steps you can easily live stream recorded videos on Facebook and can play it in the loop to increase your reach. Many businesses are using this technique to show off their product and keeps playing recorded videos in a loop to get maximum reach.

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