10 Best Yoga Apps For Android & iPhone For Effective Workout & Health

Exercising hours are way more sophisticated today than they used to be.

Employing a healthy rule that nourishes the body & mind has become such a challenge to accomplish. But this equilibrium becomes a necessity to accomplish in everyone’s life.

While expensive pieces of gym equipment may not be affordable for everybody who loves to exercise, attending a gym before or after your regular working hours also remains an elusive concept.

It’s an idea that is feasible only in theory, given the terrible working hours that folks put in these days.

One of the most affordable ways to maintain the shape of your body, control weight gain, and keep your mind and body in perfect alignment, as well as to attain “fitness” goes through employing ‘Yoga’ into your routine.

In this guide today, we will discuss in some depth the best Yoga apps for Android & iOS available on the Google Play Store and App store respectively.

Disclaimer: iTechFever isn’t associated with either one of the free or paid applications listed in this article and does not endorse or promote the same.

Top 10 Best Yoga Apps for Android & iOS Users

Yoga is an ancient Indian way of meditation and exercise that has reached global popularity. Now, it is even available on most smartphone devices.

1. Zen by ZenApp

Relaxation, meditation, and keeping up with a proper emotional balance must become the focal point when it comes to yoga.

Zen is better targeted as a platform for deep mindfulness success to achieve whatever goal you’ve determined to achieve in your life.

Zen’s interface is simplistic but very instructive at the same time. Icons on the bottom bar help with straightforward navigation throughout this application.

Upon startup, you can listen to the quotes to boost your motivation and bring harmony to your yoga time. It greets the users who are focused and syncs with the important philosophy of ‘well-being’.

For further interactivity, the service offers ‘featured’ content that opens multiple options linked to a specific purpose. This offers added benefits to the users.

There are mantras, healing insomnia in ‘07 days’, inspiring meditation music, and more appealing content to avail from. This assures Zen as one of the best yoga apps for android.

Various meditation features are also added to those who seek relief from anxiety, release stress, build confidence, etc.

Furthermore, a therapy module is just one click away. You can find it available via a meditation guide, which is one of the most outstanding additions to Zen.


  • Easy to manage and work around, nourishing the stressful mind.
  • Zen simplifies the on-the-go. With several audio attributes to select from, it is very beneficial for athletes to, housewives & even students who cannot start the day without having precious yoga time nor sparing too much time at the gym.
  • Highly responsive and makes use of vivid but soothing colors.


  • Enjoy a 7-day free trial after payment confirmation or subscribe to the weekly package that costs USD $2.99. The monthly subscription is also available for USD $5.99 and the yearly for USD $36.99 (you get a 50% discount).
  • The application is currently limited to only three languages – English, Portuguese and Spanish.


2. Daily Yoga

It’s fun and offers a sharp service for beginners & advanced users alike.

Daily Yoga is designed around one ambition; to better its user’s health and get everyone on board (including those who have never tried Yoga before.)

If you are someone who has never tried this grand exercise before, then this is the best yoga app for Android for you!

Although it is built for beginners, there are modules for intermediate and advanced yoga admirers.

If this exercise is as foreign to you as it was for me, you can opt for an ‘Ability Test’ to see where you rightfully belong on the scale.

All the activities are neatly populated into segments on the home screen.

These include yoga for a 10-day beginner tour, everyday mindfulness, proper posture, getting toned, quick yoga fix, stress relief, health enhancer, and several others!

There are also specific options for women, including those who are pregnant.

Another hallmark is the Chromecast-supported module that contains varieties of sessions for determined purposes such as energy booster, joint movement, flexibility, fat burner, and spinal movement.

You can sync Daily Yoga with a well-known Android fitness service called Google Fit.


  • Suitable for everybody- beginner to professional.
  • It offers video tutorials.
  • Exclusive yoga application with advanced options for women who are expecting.
  • A full plate with audio and video content to select and enjoy.


  • The monthly subscription is a little high which starts at $9.99 that may seem a bit higher for non-North American residents.


3. Yoga studio

Yoga Studio is no old news among meditation practitioners. That employs a popular Yoga instructor, Rodney Yee.

This valuable platform brings 65 yoga sessions that you can access either online or offline.

It has a rich list of 280 yoga poses broken down frame-by-frame to nourish your posture into getting the proper position.

On top of that, you can build a specific training hour to suit your activity schedule.

Access a boosted database along with a variety of music, or add your own soundtracks from other apps you have on your smartphone or tablet.

Scroll the search bar for further interaction with the service to a suitable pose according to your ability, focus, and preference, and then add it to your list of favorites.

In addition, you can have access to, and repeat the selected classes on your monthly routine and choose their order and continuation period accordingly.

Yoga Studio coaches you the best way for a smart fit hour while learning the names of diverse poses and their physical benefits to each part of the body.

Keep up with your progress by scheduling & maintaining consistency and having a follow-up.

You may set sessions from 15, 30, and 60 minutes or hit the download option to practice them offline as well.

This is ranked as one of the best yoga apps for Android simply because it offers full access to HD videos and instructions, plus detailed imagery to inspire and discipline you from the get-go.

Start enjoying the app with a 2-week free trial and continue this privilege by choosing one out of the three cost-effective subscription plans starting at $1.99/month, $4.99 for 3 months, or $19.99 per year, which you can cancel at any time.


  • Great price competitor in the Yoga app market by keeping it low even if you pick a year subscription.
  • The service is inspired by a renowned Yoga trainer, Rodney Yee, which makes it a very trustworthy app for a complete hour of motivation.
  • Boosts you to adopt discipline whether you have a busy lifestyle.


  • Lead users to sign up for a subscription before they can try the app.


4. Simply Yoga

For consistency and betterment, Simply Yoga is one of the best Yoga apps. Its database consists of videos that guide you to easily replicate these exercises at home. You may even choose from a 20-minute class to a 60-minute class, depending on the time you can devote. Moreover, you can avail a lot even in the free version, but to unlock more content and features, consider upgrading to the paid version.


  • Beautiful clean interface.
  • Works on all Android platforms
  • An upgrade is not too expensive.


  • The interface is not eye-catchy.


5. Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is a name that you’ll never forget. It’s basically a CrossFit-yoga app that inspires you to do more! Combining the two healthiest forms of exercise is something you’ve never heard of! Furthermore, the app has a community that supports you to do better and learn more about the best of health.


  • Multilingual support.
  • Over 100+ workout collections.
  • Multiple categories to choose from.
  • Workout anywhere & at any time.


  • Paid In-app features can be a bit expensive.


6. Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

Down Dog is a very appreciated service that brings in meaningful Yoga sessions.

It is significant to get fitter each day, and the UI has something to do with it!

It offers interesting modules, where most features are available regardless you have the paid or free version.

The Pro version comes with a low-price tag styled for a monthly or yearly subscription.

One of the top free yoga apps for Android, for the working professional who is focused but also doesn’t want to miss out on the great technology and meditation combo.

Choose to upgrade to improve your specific practice environment, adapt the pace of your session, change the music preference or reduce the quantity of spoken instruction.

Pay only $50 a year or about $8 per month which is a cost-effective alternative for anyone who is completely emerged in the stimulating yoga world.

The ‘Intro to Yoga’ sequence type helps beginners by starting the session with one tap.

This option offers a 3-day series covering all the fundamental poses.

Day 1 starts with 12 min exercise, day 2 with 13 minutes and day 3 lasts for 20 minutes.

Also, you have total control over each video tutorial that contains visual aids for continuous exercise improvement.

Listen to the excellent background music selection that does not have any visual influence on any of the instructions displayed whatsoever.

There are considerable features to choose between in your choice of the playlist- fast Instrumental tracks, soft instrumental, Alt Beats, Acoustic, or you can instantly select None if you prefer to not play any music in the background.

In addition to coaching throughout pose and their names in English and Sanskrit, you can pick the pace, boost and the number of spoken instructions.


  • Most of the content is available even for the free version.
  • Well-ranked among yoga followers.
  • Assures a unique yoga experience.
  • Offers all categories from beginner to expert.
  • Organized mentored exercises and poses.
  • Exclusive music of playlist tracks.


  • Yearly pricing can be a hurdle for buyers especially considering its cost may seem higher for anyone who doesn’t use USD currency.


7. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Like Zen, Calm is a bit similar to Zen regarding its high quality but with the difference that you can integrate some of the yoga performances and breathing sessions to make it all the more worth to Yogis’.

Additionally, there are many options to be delighted from – managing anger and stress, calming anxiety, self-esteem, relaxing sleep, gratitude, walking meditation, happiness and the list goes on and on.

Make a daily 10-minute program special by including features to calm your day and for a brilliant yoga start section.

The options to add available are open-ended meditation and soothing nature sounds and scenes to further aid meditation unguided time meditation and sleep stories for adults.


  • Keep up a daily track with the in-app calendar
  • Develop a positive outlook, finding happiness with a one-stop-shop for meditation.
  • Users get a lot for the price they pay
  • Play mystic sounds on or off the app
  • Extra liability thanks to top feedback from NYT, TechCrunch, etc.
  • Activate do not disturb, save to google fit, evening crickets, sunset or sunrise beach, thunderstorms, enable animated scenes like a fireplace, mystic fountain, and download over each with one click through a cellular network.


  • According to reports online, users have complained about not being able to add a new playlist or crashes.


8. Pocket Yoga

The app will make a remarkable change to permanently improve your yoga skills by assisting users to avoid any kind of back or muscular strain by coaching through 200 very well-illustrated poses.

All of the content in Pocket Yoga is designed by professionals for a simple for essential regular practice and follow-up.

For further interaction with a game touch, the user can unblock new environments at each level fulfilled in the employed plans.

Thus, your progress is what will determine to make the app more worth using.

You can start a new program from your home or nature at any time and similarly, continue an ongoing session regardless of your location and environment.


  • Make your Yoga diverse by creating 27 different sessions to also learn the benefits and alignment of each.
  • Pocket Yoga helps you endorse a frequent exercise plan from the comfort of your home.
  • Use the timer for perfect time management and keep track of practice.
  • Well-ranked app by CNN as one of the “10 great mobile health apps”. Thus, you can expect high functionality from this proactive app.
  • Class previews are accessible prior to beginning a program.


  • A free trial is not available for download yet.


9. Yoga Poses and Classes

Commitment to physical activities demands a lot more discipline from us than we think that’s why this is the best Yoga apps for Android for a kick start.

Yoga Poses and Classes is the best simply because it is free but not lacks in some aspects when as compared to the paid platforms listed above.

It comes with videos in HD, over 100 poses to pick from, includes pose search attribute by typing in the specific pose name in English based on focus, ability, and type.

Educates you by displaying information about each exercise, its benefits, and guides you through each, properly.

So far, over 111 poses have been designed and are boosted into its database free of charge!

Each class is about 10 to 30 minutes long. Access and view your progress history by saving it also for later replay if you prefer.


  • Beginners will certainly get addicted while intermediate and advanced will savior a flawless Yoga performance.
  • Enjoy meditation by playing it on TV with AirPlay and Chromecast.
  • 9 unique Yoga sessions are added in HD format.


  • Ad-supported
  • The database is scarce for a free version.
  • HD videos might crash on their devices sometimes.


10. Yoga Daily Fitness

Another bravo app designed for all ages, body types, from beginner to expert levels.

Yoga Fitness is a straightforward app that aims to get you fit!

It has a ‘tiled’ interface that presents the importance of Yoga and its aspects.

For instance, instructions about each pose, yoga tips, exercises for a different purpose, a 30-day yoga challenge, yoga programs, and reminders.

No notification is displayed when ads pop-up while you are training.


  • Assure you all Yoga aspects coverage for a perfect education about the exercise.
  • Essential for beginners.
  • It offers a built-in timer and 30-day yoga lessons.


  • Scarce support for music playlist integration or import.
  • The app interface isn’t visually attractive.
  • internet access is mandatory to watch Yoga videos because they are displayed on YouTube only.



Superior physical fitness trainers are plentiful out there, but only here you find the best yoga apps in an exclusive list.

If you have doubts or don’t know the utmost that Yoga can offer, now you can avail and review what is best for your purpose, which each of these apps is designed for.

Whether you want to lose weight, hone focus, get better sleep, fight depression, or keep a positive

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