How To Reset Mozilla Firefox to It’s Default Setting which Fixes Numerous Problem.

You are surfing the webMozilla Firefox and is it very slow? It crashes or freezes frequently and give you an error message like Firefox has encountered a problem and need to close? Sometimes due to various browser extension, add-ons or malware it stops working in the correct way and you face the different issue.
There are different adware which comes along with some free software, patch, cracks and keygen which  hijacks your Firefox and shows you different ads and causes several problems to Mozilla Firefox.
One of the simple methods to get rid of this problems is to reset Firefox to its default setting which solves numerous problem of Firefox.
By resetting Firefox, all the add-ons and customization are going to be deleted it means you are starting with a fresh version of Firefox.

Steps To Reset Mozilla Firefox Browser.

1. Go to Firefox Menu on the top left corner hover mouse on Help and then go to Troubleshooting Information from the submenu.

2. Now click on Reset Firefox in the upper right area in this of troubleshooting information page.
 3. A confirmation window will appear click on Reset Firefox on this dialog box.
 4. Firefox will be close and reset itself. When it’s done, a new window will list the information that was imported.
Click Finish
After reset is finished, a new folder will be created on your desktop with your old Firefox profile information with the folder named “Old Firefox data” which contains your old bookmarks, extension, plugins and other data you can import your bookmarks to Firefox again.

Remove unwanted add-ons and Extensions from Firefox

Sometimes there are many add-ons which get installed on your computer without your knowledge and overtake your Firefox,  it is better to remove them in order to get improved browsing speed.
 Open Firefox and press ” ctrl + shift + A ” it will open your add-ons on firefox.
Now click on Extensions and remove unwanted extensions from Firefox, removing extension which is not required will enhance Firefox load speed.

Remove Firefox adware and browser redirects by AdwCleaner.

Download AdwCleanerAfter installation please save all you files and close every opened program and run AdwCleaner.
First, click on Scan then after scanning click on Clean to remove adware and unwanted extension from Firefox and other browsers. After that, your computer will be rebooted and you will get scan log that helps you to know which folders, files and registry key were deleted by AdwCleaner in order to fix Firefox problems.
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