How to Disable Seen/Read Receipt Feature On Facebook Messenger

Do you want to disable the seen feature on Facebook messenger? There may be some messages in your inbox that you want to read without notifying the sender.

In some situations, you just want to read the messages in your inbox but if you open them they will be marked as seen. The seen feature is now replaced by “read receipt.”

The sender won’t get a “Seen” notification, but your profile photo will be under the message. It means you have read the messages. It may be annoying sometimes, as you may have to reply to that person otherwise, you will be labeled as rude by your friend.

This technique will work on the desktop version of Facebook and messenger on Google Chrome only. If you are using Facebook on another browser, then there is no solution at the moment.

Steps to Disable Seen OR Read Receipt On Facebook

First, you need to have a Google Chrome browser on your computer, open Google Chrome, and log in to your Facebook or messenger, where you want to read the messages.

Now, download and install the Unseen For Facebook extension on Google Chrome.

facebook unseen

Once you install the extension it will show you the first launch page where it will ask you to subscribe to push notifications. You can ignore this message and close the page.

If you subscribe to push notifications, it may show you tons of Ads on Google Chrome.

Just don’t click on “Allow” or close the page itself.

Now, you will get an icon beside the address bar of Google Chrome, click on it, and it will show you different options that can be used for Facebook and Messenger.

Features Of FbUnseen

You will get the following options listed:-

  • Block the ‘seen‘ feature of the chat.
  • Block all referer
  • Block the ‘delivery receipt‘ feature of the chat.
  • Block the typing indicator.
  • Block the ‘last active‘ indicator of the chat.
  • Use fbunseen on
  • Show the ‘Mark as read‘ button.

By default, the “Seen,” Delivery Receipts,” and “Typing Indicator” are blocked. Log in to Facebook and open the message you want to read; the sender won’t be notified when you read their messages.

If you want to disable read receipt on, you need to enable the option before reading the messages.

Block All Referer – Enabling this feature will hide all the referes from the Facebook link, which means Facebook won’t be able to track “How you are navigating across Facebook.”

Delivery Receipt – This will hide if the message is delivered or not.

Block Typing Indicator – If you enable this feature, the other party won’t see if you are typing the messages.

Block Last Active – This feature will hide your “last active” from Facebook. Your friends won’t be able to see when you were active last time.

Mark As Read Button – You will see a button on the Facebook chat where you can mark the conversation as read without opening it.

This is how you can disable the read receipt or seen feature on Facebook and Messenger. Remember, you can do this only on the desktop version of Facebook and Messenger on Google chrome.

If you open those messages without this extension or use mobile devices then it will overwrite everything exposing your last active, read receipt, and other things you blocked on Google Chrome.

How To Turn Off Read Receipt on Messenger On Mobile Phone

Technically there is no way to turn off read receipts or the seen feature on messenger on mobile devices. You can’t install any extension or App that blocks these settings.

Here is a useful trick you can use to avoid read receipt on messenger-

  1. Once you have a message pending in your inbox, turn off the wi-fi and mobile data, or put your phone in Airplane mode.
  2. Open the message and read, now close the messenger and turn on your Internet.

This way sender won’t be able to see if you have read their messages.

There is no other option available for messenger if you are serious about it then use Google Chrome with mentioned extension.

How this extension actually works?

FbUnseen extension employs some javascript codes that block the Facebook trackers. It does hide Time, Date Referer, and other tracking codes.

Facebook will work fine along with this extension, the extension itself does not track your activity, and it is safe to use.

Remember that this works solely on the Google Chrome browser with an enabled extension. If you log in to another computer without this extension, then it won’t disable seen or read receipt feature, also it does not work on any mobile devices.

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