5 Best Video Compressor Apps Without Losing Quality For Android

Video compressor apps are tools to reduce video files. There are tons of video compression tools available, but most drastically reduce the video quality and file size. Video compression is very important for people who have to convey multimedia files and programs. When the size of any particular video is extremely large, it will need a very large bandwidth to get transmitted over the internet.

As a result, you would not be able to transfer the video wherever you want. In a similar situation, you can consider a free video compressor as the right algorithm to use, which will help you decrease the storage and transmit the capacity of the videos.

Of course, extra-large videos require compression to accumulate space and share over online platforms.

When you have to pass on multimedia programs, the video stream contains vast data that needs an extended bandwidth and, later extended storage space.

best video compressor apps

Due to the enormous bandwidth and storage space necessities, digital videos are compressed in order to decrease their storage or programming capacity. If you want to know ways to compress video files without losing quality, such apps can be beneficial for you.

The format of a video can be changed into another format whenever you compress your video. Today, a wide range of video compression applications and programs are available that you can use for the same purpose.

In easy words, you can reduce video size with the help of some top and trending video compressing applications.  Let’s take a glimpse at the top video compression apps right now —

5 Best Video Compressor Apps For Android

Now, you have successfully collected some basic details about the requirements of video compression.  A high-quality video compressing application will always hold you back to reduce the size of the video and store it on your device in the desired size.

You may have understood why you need to use video-compressing applications. Anyone can use the top free video compressor apps to reduce the size and transmitting capacity of the videos.

1. VidCompact – A powerful Video Compressor app

VidCompact is one of the most reliable and trustworthy video compressors that you can find. This video compressor has 4.5 ratings on the Google Play Store, which is enough to know the quality of this app.

When you want to compress video files without losing quality, this application can become a perfect example to understand everything about compressing a video.

vidcompact app


  • This video compressor application has 4.5 ratings on the Google Play Store.
  • It is free to use video compressor that will not reduce the quality of your video.
  • Formats like WMV, MKV, and MP4 are supported by this application.
  • You get video trimming, stabilizing, and editing like additional features.
  • This application allows you to change the audio frequency as well as a video conversion.
  • The interface of this application is very simple.


  • The interface of this application is very simple, and that’s why it can be used for compressing videos more.
  • The quality of your videos will not be reduced.
  • You get other video editing alternatives and features.
  • You can change the audio frequency.


  • Regardless of ratings, this app may not allow you to compress video without losing some quality.

2. Video Compressor & Video Cutter

Video Compressor is another high-level video compressor app you can download and use. With some magnificent additional features, this application allows you to compress your videos without losing quality. In order to reduce the video size and share them on social media, this application can be used.

video compressor app android


  • Compress the video size of your MP4, 3GP, and AVI videos.
  • It supports version 3.0 and above versions.
  • Sharing of the compressed videos alternative is available.
  • This app is been rated 3.6 on your Google Play Store.


  • This application is highly compatible with all versions.
  • It gives a quick sharing option to share your compressed videos.
  • Your MP4 3GP and AVI videos can easily be compressed.


  • No such information is available about the outcome of the video quality after compressing videos with this application.
  • This application has lower ratings on the Google Play Store.

3. Video Compress

If you are looking to use a free video compressor that can provide endless benefits, this application can become your first choice. This video compressor has a very simple and interactive interface that helps you to compress your videos easily.

When you want to compress video files without losing quality, this app can offer magnificent benefits to you. Before you download this application, you can consider its features, pros, and cons that will reassure you about using this application:

video compress app


  • This application can save multiple videos that you want to compress without losing quality.
  • Large video files can easily be compressed.
  • This application will save 90% of the memory space on your phone.
  • This application allows you to save your videos in full HD, HD, and the standard definitions.
  • You can play the videos that will be compressed within this application instantly.


  • You can save multiple videos which you want to compress.
  • Play the videos according to your desire in this application.
  • You can save your videos in HD, Full HD, and other standard definitions.
  • If you are facing problems compressing large videos, this application suits you.


  • This app gives normal features like any other video compressor.
  • This application contains ads that can be disliked by the users of the application.

4. Resize Video

When you want to use the best app to reduce video size and share it with your buddies, you learn about this application. This application has been developed by CodeEdifice.

This application has 3.4 ratings on the Google Play store, which is decent. (The rating dropped recently to 2.5).  If you are looking for a very reliable video compressor available with the best interface, you can consider using this video compressor.

resize video app android


  • This video compressor permits changing and compressing the video files according to the users.
  • You get a trimming alternative to remove the undesired parts of a video.
  • Add music to your videos.
  • You can create a mute video.
  • Sharing alternatives is available on various social media networking sites.


  • According to your desire and requirements, you can change and compress the video files in a short time.
  • You can share your compressed videos on your social media profiles.
  • This application allows you to create a mute video.
  • Adding music to your videos is simple and interesting with this application.
  • The trimming alternative is also available.


  • On the Google Play Store, this application has an almost 3-star rating, which is not good for any kind of application.
  • You might lose the quality of the video once you compress the videos with this application.

5. Video Dieter 2 – Trim & Edit

You can try your hands on this highly admired video compressor, Video Dieter 2. Among the top video compressors, this application has significant value as it allows you to set the quality of your video.

In addition, this application gives you additional options that you can use to add the desired music to your video files. Because of the fast transcoding, this application is highly admired by users who want to minimize file size and share videos on various online platforms.

video dieter 2


  • This application permits you to store a full-length video on your device in a smaller size.
  • Set the video quality.
  • This application has 4.5-star ratings on the Google Play Store.
  • This application gives a lucrative interface.
  • Add your music to the videos.
  • Fast transcoding.


  • Adding music to your video is quick and simple with this application.
  • This application provides you with fast coding, which is always beneficial to get.
  • Due to the productive interface, this application can become your favorite.
  • Using this application, you can store a full-length video on your device in a smaller size.


  • There are no such details available that can help you determine that this video compressor will not reduce the quality of your video.
  • Regardless of such exceptional ratings, no additional features are available in this application.


Now, you have collected some comprehensive details about the top 5 video compressor apps you can run on your device to reduce the video size.

You can choose any of the suggested video compressors for the same purposes according to your desire and requirements. A good and free video compressor will always provide flexibility to reduce the storage space of a video as well as the transmitting capacity. Using these video compressors, you can easily compress any video without losing its quality.

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