4 Best Cloud Security Software With High-End Encryption to Use in 2023

A big concern of the modern age is security. When speaking in terms of IoT, the concern around cloud-based services grows even bigger. There’s no doubt that cloud storage helps individuals and businesses alike and impacts the lives of everyone involved in a drastic manner.

But the reliance on the security infrastructure employed by organizations of popular cloud storage providers is still questionable.

Barely a day goes by when we hear news of security breaches exposing not only corporate confidentiality but also leaving non-commercial users vulnerable.

Hence, it is safe to say that there’s a greater demand for cloud security software in the market. A reliable cloud security software must protect data, access, and endpoint SaaS offerings.

Top Cloud Security Software Encryption

Most cloud security products offer complete data encryption, integration of various cloud services to a particular ecosystem, and keep everything consolidated so that the administrator can manage, set permissions and monitor the usage of all the parties who have access to the applications.

Just like your ESPs (email service providers) offer high-level security over web/mobile-based solutions, cloud security software should work in a similar manner with one difference- it should offer increased security to the whole ecosystem.

So without further ado, here is-

1. CloudMounter by Eltima software

CloudMounter allows Mac & Windows users to mount their cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or remote servers such as Amazon S3 with custom server endpoint, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, OpenStack Swift, Box, and Backblaze B2 onto a single and easy to use interface.

It offers seamless integration with cloud storage services that you can mount to your computer as a local disk without actually utilizing any of the hard disk space.

CloudMounter effectively monitors and secures your data within each of the cloud storage services and custom servers.

Drag & drop functionality:

You can even find each one of the mounted drives right from the Finder and drag & drop, swap, delete or modify any document without root permissions.

Store login details in macOS Keychain:

You only ever need to log in once to a cloud storage service provider or a remote server, and CloudMounter remembers and saves this essential data in the macOS Keychain. Thereafter, this cloud security software auto-mounts these drives on each system reboot.

Strong data encryption:

Mac users can seamlessly encrypt Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. It offers free encryption per account (one for each).

CloudMounter encryption is the latest, and it has been highly appreciated by cybersecurity experts.

2. ODrive

cloud security software, cloud security, encryption

ODrive pride itself on being a universal sync client. It unifies cloud storage, synchronizes them under one roof, makes them shareable, and efficiently encrypts the data.

Its full range of services is currently available on Windows, Mac, and Linux ecosystems.

Some of the cloud storage and remote servers that can be linked to and unified with one password include- 4shared, ADrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and many others.

Unlimited Sync:

Even when you have limited storage space on the system, you can sync an unlimited amount of cloud storage since neither occupies any space on the hard drive.

Share flexibly:

You have the option to choose whom you want to securely share web links to files and folders with. You can even share with a group or send a personal invite to sync any drive folder.

Zero-knowledge encryption:

It allows you to set a secret passphrase to all the documents and folders stored in the cloud services so that only you can decrypt them.

3. Cryptomator

cloud security software, cloud security, encryptionYet another well-known cloud security software is the Cryptomator which is transparent, client-side encryption that supports both Cyberduck and Mountain Duck and secures your data on any server or cloud storage.

Its excellent framework prevents unauthorized access from unassigned servers or cloud storage infrastructure.

It is open-source software that makes it favorable for businesses to customize as per their own requirements. Also, there’s no need for any service subscription or signing up for an account.

Cryptomator encrypts file names and directories while obfuscating directory structures. Furthermore, you can encrypt each file individually, should you prefer to do that.

4. Sookasa

cloud security software, cloud security, encryptionSookasa is a multi-platform capable that does its job of securing your data seamlessly.

It not only protects the Dropbox cloud on your system but also across mobile devices – iOS and Android besides securing Mac and Windows. This program encrypts any file or folder that’s placed within it and offers hassle-free access to an authorized user.

Final words

Cloud security software must uphold its value regardless of the ecosystem it is designed to function. Encryption must go way beyond email providers or web-based use. It must offer all-around security to the whole framework, whether Mac, Windows, Linux or another.

Each one of the above-mentioned cloud security software is renowned for its unique technologies. Check and decide which one suits your needs the best.

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