Delete Facebook Account Permanently. Why and How?

Do you know thousands of Facebook users are looking for a way to delete their Facebook accounts? No question that Facebook is the biggest social community in the world and has more than a billion users around the globe even on the International space station.

Nearly every frequent internet user has a Facebook account; there comes a time when you create more than one Facebook account for various reasons like testing a Facebook Page, Creating Fake IDs to troll your friend, getting points on different games, getting Facebook likes, to test the faithfulness of your loved one, to chat someone anonymously, there may be thousands of reasons to create a fake Facebook account.

Delete Facebook Account Permanently
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OR you became tired of using Facebook, getting threats, and annoying friends; maybe you don’t feel safe on Facebook, so finally, you decided to come over the addiction of Facebook and want to live in everyday real life rather than a virtual fake and bragging life on Facebook, that’s why many users are looking way to delete Facebook account.

Why I Deleted My Facebook Account Once & Why Should You

At one point in time, I was also a big addict to Facebook, I was so used to Facebook that it was like ‘Facebook before face wash’, getting long friend list, hundreds of like, posting everything where I go, what I eat, wasting time to edit the photos, liking, commenting, chatting to the unknown virtual friends and arguing over the Facebook posts, possibly I was faking a great life on Facebook.

But what I got in return? Likes, virtual friends but where I will invest those likes which I got by wasting 6-7 hours a day.

I was addicted to Facebook for 3 years, now let’s calculate –  6 hours a day for 3 years.  6*(365*3) = 6570 Hours which is almost 6570/24= 273 days. Let’s remove 23 days (Maybe the internet was down :P) now a rough figure is 250 days.

What ?? I wasted almost 8 months on Facebook in 3 years and got nothing in return.

Delete Facebook Account Permanently
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This was an alarming situation for me, I should focus on my career and live a real life. Finally, with a heavy heart and fear of being alone, I decided to delete my Facebook account.

I just created a backup of all data, deleted my Facebook account permanently, and went on a vacation enjoyed it a lot, but this time, I didn’t put anything on Facebook.

What I felt Without Facebook

But after coming back, I felt disconnected from the world since I was also missing the essential news and info, so after a few days again, I created a new account. Still, this time I limited my friend list to my friends, family, and well-known persons, who liked interesting pages and mainly focused on getting profit by using Facebook.

One can’t deny the fact that Facebook is a big source of information and a powerful tool to bring changes around the world if you are using it in the right way.

Now I use Facebook as a daily magazine to stay updated with what’s going on around the world and other helpful information. I am not greedy for likes and do not argue about posts anymore.

You can also restrict your usage of Facebook to overcome this problem.

Or, if you are too serious about your time and don’t get any benefit from Facebook, then you may consider deleting your Facebook account permanently.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Facebook doesn’t have any option to delete your account under the settings; all you can do is to deactivate the account, but whenever you login back it will get activated again. To delete your Facebook account permanently, follow the below steps.

Log in to the Facebook account that you want to delete.

Go to drop-down Menu > Settings. delete facebook

After that, download your Facebook data, and Facebook will send all the data to your email address.

download facebook data


Now go to this link – You will get an option to delete your Facebook account permanently.delete facbook account permanently 2015

Hit Delete My Account Fill up the password and captcha, and click on OK.

facebook delete

It will ask for confirmation, be strong and click on Confirm Deletion.

delete facebook 2015


You may need to enter the password again, and it’ll show you that your account has been scheduled for deletion.

Now you have 14 days to cancel the permanent deletion of your Facebook account.

delete facebook in 2015

During this time, you can cancel the deletion by logging back into the account.

Now you have to control your temptation for 14 days to delete your Facebook account permanently if you want to delete a Facebook account with a forgotten password. I am sorry to tell you that there is no way you can do this.

If you delete a fake Facebook account, you are going well. Still, if you are about to delete your actual Facebook account, I will suggest not to delete but limit your usage of Facebook and use it the right way to get good information and stay updated with the world.

This was my view on how Facebook is responsible for wasting our precious time and the reason to delete the Facebook account.

What is your view on Facebook? Feel free to comment.

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