What You Don’t Know About Online Threats & How To Avoid It

Some people think that online threats are something not to worry about or there is the easy solution for it.

Yes, you can do something to avoid online threats, but when it happens, you might find out that it is not an easy situation for everyone.

There are different kinds of online threats – hackers, viruses, identity stealers, and some other more.

These are the things that you must be aware of and things you must protect yourself from.

What are the things you don’t know about the online threats?

You might lose your important data.

A person who has intelligent knowledge regarding computer systems and programs has the power to steal data from your computer.

One thing to avoid being hacked by heartless hackers, you must be extra careful about what you visit on the internet.

This would the most tragic happening on your part especially when you lose your business data. Hackers will have a greater interest in this for they can earn monetary value from it.

This could happen when viruses and damaging malware attack on your computer.

To lose important data is scarier than horror movies. So, before visiting websites, you must be sure that it is trusted. When you receive phishing messages with website link attached, think first.

Is it a reliable source?

Do I really trust this person who messaged me?

If you are unsure, do not click it. Use a reliable browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. These browsers have designed to block unreliable sources and websites.

It might cost you money.

There are several scams on the internet. You might be deceived and bite to their tricks if you are not wise enough.

Online shopping and online purchases are available everywhere on the internet.

Yes, sure there are legit sellers online, but scammers and fake sellers are also everywhere, and they try to trick people who have less experience on the internet system.

Be aware that scammers do possess different ways on how to get access to your credit card, debit card, and bank account.

If you are too naïve and give just what they ask without asking further explanations, you might just get surprised that your money will just be blown away by these scammers.

Online threats may also mean cyberbullying.

cyberbullying online threats

This is not only about stealing data, scamming or such, but the cyberbullying is also a big threat on the internet.

Why are some people brave enough to do cyberbullying?

First, it is easy. Second, you don’t know the person or he/she doesn’t know you.

Yecyberbullyinging is easy to do. You’ll just type your comment, then click enter. Now, you’re done.

Some people also do this kind of bullying because it escalated their pride and want to provoke you online, especially when you don’t see the person face-to-face.

Cyber-bullying is not only simple name calling or shaming. Some might message you with “I will kill you” or “I know where you are.”

If you are experiencing such threat, that would be the moment to talk with your parents and go to the nearest police station.

Even though you are unsure of the real intention of the person who messaged you, it is still essential to inform it to other people who can help you.

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram have a higher risk of threats.

These social media websites have millions of users that increase the risk of threats.

I am not saying that you should delete all your social media accounts, but being aware of the threats it may bring, you must make ways to be extra discreet with what you are posting online.

Do not post your location, especially your “ATM” posts. One more thing, Facebook can locate your locations when you open your GPS on your smartphone. It is safer when you disable that feature.

Social media surely helps better connection with people, and there is nothing wrong with that.

But make sure to add friends whom you really know personally. In social media, there are lots of connections including the friend’s of your friends until your post become vulnerable to strangers.

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Your social media can be hacked even with a simple post of “Happy birthday to my mom.”

Some commonly used security question is regarding the maiden name of your mother.

If your mother continues using her maiden name in her Facebook, and you tag her on your post, hackers will grab this opportunity to hack your account without your knowledge.

To be more secure, think of more reliable security question, something that you only know.

“Botnets” threat.

online threat

Botnets are one of the dangerous threats to your computer data. It is a collection of software robots that infects a bunch of computers from different places, and they are the one controlling it.

No one knows who their victims are right now, so it is better to check your computer on a regular basis.

This “botnets” threat will send spam messages with viruses to different users.

Once you open the message and the link provided, your computer is the new victim.

This threat is also responsible for sending malware to computers; even if you don’t know anything about it, these software robots can attack other computer systems by using your data and computer.

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This is a guest post by Sef Cruz who is an avid internet user. He writes about internet security on justwebproxy.com

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