10 Best Hidden Features of Windows 10

Do you know that Windows 10 is home to lots of hidden features? If no, then don’t miss reading this article till the last line. As in this article, you will find out some of the best and useful hidden features in Windows 10.

Years passed and we have traveled a long distance in the field of Operating systems. However, one thing is still the same; the habit of geeks who love to explore more and swim deep in the ocean of a fully-featured Operating System.

Now we have entered the new age of operating systems with Windows 10. If you have still not upgraded your PC to Windows 10 or not explored the multiple hidden features of it then this post would greatly help you because we have explored many interesting and useful hidden features of Windows 10 that Microsoft is hiding from you.

These features have stepped up the standard of OS to another level. By keeping this thing in mind, we decided to share a few of them with you.

The 10 Best Hidden Features of Windows 10

So without further delay, let’s check the hidden features of Windows 10-

1. Virtual Desktops

Innovation kills the wastage of money and time over the traditional ways of doing things. In showrooms, offices, shops, or even at home, we use multi-desktop to make our work easier and convenient.

Beautiful innovation will help you to manage your money, space without letting you waste your time. Same as in the case of Windows 10 as it offered users a feature that lets you can create multiple desktops in one PC, one can be used for office work, you may use another for personal stuff, and much more.

Here is how you can enable Virtual Desktops in Windows 10

1. To try one, You need to click on the “Task View” icon which is available at the Windows 10 Taskbar. You will see an option labeled as “+ New Desktop” at the bottom right corner. Click to launch the new virtual desktop.

2. Swapping among the desktops is extremely easy with the keyboard shortcut WIN+CTRL+Left/Right Arrow.

enable virtual desktop in windows 10 hidden features

2. Windows Activation

Microsoft has introduced a wonderful feature for its loyal users. If you do not like to search and enter the product key every time you reactivate the windows then you will definitely find this feature helpful.

Now Microsoft allows their user to create an account and associates the Windows 10 Operating system product key or license with Microsoft account.

So, now the reactivation of the windows after the hardware changes just requires the account credentials instead of a big product key.

To link your Windows 10 product key, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the Microsoft account sign-up page and click on Create account. If you already have the account, then head over to step 4.
  2. The username will be your existing email address, and enter the password which you can easily remember.
  3. Complete the form by filling in all the details asked and then click Create account.
  4. To get the windows key linked with the account, go to Settings- Update & Security- Activation and check if it is already activated. If yes, head over to step 5.
  5. Go Settings -> Accounts -> Info Tab. On the right pane, click on Sign in with Microsoft Account Instead. Sign in by entering the details. It will only take few seconds to link your Windows 10 product key with your Microsoft account.

link windows 10 product key with Microsoft account

Note: You will only see, sign in with Microsoft Account Instead feature, if you only using the local account.

Tip: If you’re already logged in using a Microsoft account and your Windows is activated, then your product key is already linked with your Microsoft account.

3. Games in Cortana

If you are feeling bored, you should try this out. Trust me this new innovation makes your PC more interesting and interactive to you.

Say ‘Play Movie Game’ to Cortana and she will ask you questions regarding the new movies and you will be three clues before she tells you the correct answer.

This is not the only one; you have much more games to play with Cortana such as ‘Rock Paper Scissors’, ‘Flip the coin’, ‘Roll the Dice’, and much more. What are you waiting for, go kill the boredom and have fun?

hidden features of windows 10

4. Xbox Streaming

This is one of the best-hidden features of Windows 10 and this beautiful feature is for the lovers of Xbox gaming. Gamers who have Xbox will love when you will get a wonderful option to play your favorite game anywhere because the best place to enjoy is anywhere.

Now you can leave your living room as you are able to connect your Xbox one with PC using a wireless connection. Both devices must be connected to the same home network.

This is what you need to use Xbox Streaming in Windows 10

  1. First of all, enable the game streaming option on Xbox One. For that, head over to Settings -> Preferences and tick the checkbox labeled as Allow game streaming to other devices.
  2. Open the Xbox application on your Windows 10 desktop or laptop and click or tap on Connect button available on the left pane.
  3. Here, from the list, Choose your console and click or tap on Connect.
  4. Connect the controller of your  Xbox One gaming console to your Windows 10 desktop using a USB cable.
  5. Click or Tap on Stream.

stream xbox games in windows 10

5. Smart shutdown

Not every time innovation means by providing an extraordinary function but innovation really means to make good better than before. Windows 10 has improvised itself by giving this new option to shut down your system.

1. Make a Right-click on desktop -> New -> Shortcut and paste the following code in the Shortcut window and click on the Next button:


2. Now this will create a shortcut icon on your desktop. Double click on the icon and drag the half screen to the bottom of the screen. By doing this your system will turn off quickly.

create shortcut in windows 10

6. God Mode

Keeping multiple settings in one place gives ease from searching every time for the required one. Now you can create a folder with the name ‘GodMode’ anywhere on the root drive. The special icon will be generated and by entering into it, it will let you to a beautifully customized control panel.

To create GodMode here is what you need to:

1. Make right-click on the desktop and from the context menu, select “Create a New Folder

2. Now name the folder GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and press Enter key.

3. Now you will see that the folder icon changes to the Control Panel icon and when you click on it, you will see all the settings in one place.

Note: You can also rename the folder to anything after successfully activating the GodMode.

god mode in windows 10

7. App Snapping

It can be called the amazing idea of driving one screen to multiple screens. Appreciation for new things depends on the way how it gets used.

To use this feature, you just need to drag the app to the top corner of the screen and it will automatically get fit in the half of the screen and another can be dragged to another top corner of the screen and you can have two apps in one screen consuming 50 percent desktop space.

In case you want to add more than four, then you need to drag the third and fourth app windows on the remaining corners of the screen. Now each app will consume 25 percent area of the Windows desktop.

app snapping feature in windows 10

8. Schedule Windows updates

As we are moving towards the generation of the automatic world, Windows 10 improvised itself to install the updates automatically.

We understand that Windows Update notification really disturbs and irritates at its best reminding you to install the updates downloaded in the background while you’re doing important official work or enjoying the movie.

But there is a setting in Windows 10 using which you can schedule an update installation at a time when your PC is free so that you can do your work or enjoy the movie. Here is how you can Schedule Windows Update in Windows 10.

schedule windows update in windows 10

Launch the Settings App -> Update & security -> Windows Update. Here click on the Change Active Hours link and click Save.

9. Command prompt tweaks

In Windows 10, Microsoft has made changes in the command prompt by upgrading it with some beautiful features. If you use the command prompt and know very well how to execute commands, then you will be able to understand the importance of these changes.

Let’s discuss the changes which you can enjoy in the updated command prompt of Windows 10.

  1. Windows 10 gives the option to use basic shortcuts such as Ctrl+C (Copy), Ctrl+V (Paste), and Ctrl+Z (Undo).
  2. You can also select the text of the command just like you do in Microsoft word and notepad.
  3. Under Properties of Command Prompt, there are lots of options that are new and one of the useful and hidden features is transparency. You can set the opacity of the Command Prompt window the way you want.

Here is how to do that Launch Command Prompt -> Right Click on Menu Bar From the Options, Select Properties -> Under Color tab, you will see the option to set Opacity. Set it according to your wish.

set opacity in command prompt in windows 10

10. Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10

Microsoft decided to make Windows 10 a Linux-friendly operating system and if you are a developer, then there is a hidden feature in Windows 10 that you will love to use. It is Bash on Ubuntu.

In the Anniversary Update of Windows 10, Microsoft has added a well-known command-line Linux utility named Bash, natively on Windows 10.

By default, this feature is not enabled and you have to add it manually. The process of adding Bash on Windows 10 involves two steps:

First, you need to enable Developer mode in Windows 10 Settings app, then add the latest Windows Subsystem for Linux which you can find in Windows Features.

bash on Windows 10

That’s it!

Did you know any of these hidden features of Windows 10 already? Did we forget to mention any useful features? Let us know in the comments.

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