TuneBro WinGeeker Review – Recover Forgotten Windows Passwords Easily

Overview: In this article, you will see different methods to reset Windows login password manually & using TuneBro WinGeeker Tool.

Did you forget your Windows login password? Or a rogue employee change the password of Windows-based PC and server login passwords?

Worry not, in this article you will see how you can recover Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8/8.1, Windows 10 and Windows server user login password without any hassle.

There may be situations where you can’t log in to the Windows since you may have forgotten the login password or you may be trying to fix the login issue of your clients.

This happens when you try to login into your computer after a long time or you changed the Windows password at the night and forgot it by the morning.

If your computer is infected with some boot time malware then it may also change the Windows login password and you get locked out of Windows.

There are some reported cases where an employee changed the all accessible computer’s password before leaving the company out of anger.

The login password can be lost by any mean then you have to recover it in order to gain the access back.

How to Recover Windows Login Password

An easier way is to format your Windows and load the fresh operating system but you will lose all the data from C drive like documents, downloads, pictures, music and anything on the desktop.

Formatting your PC to gain access to the computer is not advisable and you really don’t want to do it.

In case you are on Windows 10 and using Microsoft account to password protect your computer then if you reset Windows 10 password for your Microsoft account then you would be able to log in again to Windows 10.

Steps to Recover Windows 10 Password using Microsoft account

1. First, go to https://account.live.com/password/reset or any accessible PC or smartphone. It will take you to the Microsoft account recovery page where you need to enter your email/phone number or skype id.

2. Enter your Email id and hit next, on the next page you will be asked “How would you like to get your security code?” to verify your account.

3. Enter your recovery email/phone number to get the security code.

4. Once you have the security code you can create a new password for your Microsoft account.

5. Now reboot your Windows 10 PC and log in with the new password.

Resetting Microsoft account password will affect every other Microsoft products like Skype, MS Office, XBox etc. You have to log in everywhere with the new password.

But if you are not using Microsoft account on your Windows 10 PC or lost the password of other versions of Windows like Windows 7/8/8.1 then there are other methods to recover the password.

Method 1. Using Windows Bootable Disk or USB drive.

This method requires to have a working PC, Windows ISO file and a flash drive or re-writable DVD.

Basically, you have to create bootable Windows media either in DVD or in USB Flash drive.

Once you have the bootable windows loaded in flash drive you can reset by making some changes into the Windows by going to the recovery mode.

I have written a detailed article to reset Windows 8/10 password through recovery mode go check that out.

This method is about getting the command prompt before at the login screen by replacing Ease of access center with cmd. Once you get the command prompt at login screen you can change the password of your Windows PC.

Above method requires some technical skill to create bootable media and troubleshoot your computer using the command prompt.

Many users find it difficult to perform.

Method 2: Reset Password From Other Admin Account

This method works when you have more than one administrator account or you forgot the password of the standard user account. In this case, you can log in to another administrator account to reset the password.

  1. Login to other Admin account.
  2. Press Win+R keys together on your keyboard, you will get the Run dialog box.
  3. Type control userpasswords2 and hit OK.
  4. You will get the user accounts window.user accounts windows
  5. Select your account and reset the password. Create a new password or leave it blank.

Now you would be able to login to the affected user account.

Method 3: Reset Windows password using TuneBro WinGeeker Password Recovery Tool

TuneBro software has developed an effective tool to reset windows login password which loads and run at the Windows startup. This password recovery software traces the location where the password is saved by searching through Windows root files and folders.

WinGeekr tool changes the file which contains the password and reset it to blank.

So you don’t need to go through technical things like troubleshooting mode or command prompt.

Tunebro WinGeeker is one of the best and fastest program available to reset Windows login password. Doesn’t matter how long or strong password you kept to secure your computer, this program can reset those passwords to blank within few clicks.

Steps to Reset Windows login password using WinGeeker

1. First, you need a separate PC which is accessible and Download TuneBro WinGeeker password recovery software on the PC.

2. Install the WinGeeker, installation is easy and simple. Enter your registered email and License code to activate.

tunesbro wingeeker full version

3. After you done installing it, you will be asked to create a bootable USB flash drive or burn an optical drive, this is the media you are going to use on locked PC.

Insert a blank USB Flash drive and this tool will automatically detect it, click on USB device and select your USB drive and click on Burn USB, it will transfer all the necessary files from software to the USB flash drive.

tunebro wingeeker password reset

4. Once you have the bootable flash drive ready, insert it to the affected PC and boot from the USB drive.

Booting From USB Flash Drive

To do this, restart your PC and enter the boot menu by pressing the boot key for that PC. Boot key differs from the PC/Motherboard manufacturer, for dell it is F2, for HP it is F9, or you can Google the boot key for your PC.

In the boot menu select the USB Flash Drive/Optical Disk (Depends on wheater you are using USB Flash drive or CD).

boot order bios

Above boot menu will appear on the usual BIOS-based PCs. The modern computers use UEFI based firmware, in such case you have to Change the boot order into UEFI.

Change the boot priority and make the Flash drive option to the top so that computer can load WinGeeker Software from the flash drive.

The UEFI interface looks like this in Asus motherboard.

uefi boot order

Change the boot order and save the settings.

5. In usual BIOS after selecting USB drive from boot menu hit enter and it will boot from the USB drive. In UEFI based computer restart the PC after changing the Boot order, it will directly boot from the Flash drive.

6. After booting from USB you will get TuneBro WInGeeker interface on a black screen.

tunebro wingeeker

The interface will show you all the available user accounts in the PC, now you just have to select the user account you want to reset the password for.

Usually, you would want to Reset only available account or the one which one is enabled.

7. Select the User account and click on Reset Password, and hit OK on the confirmation box.

TuneBro WinGeeker Review -  Recover Forgotten Windows Passwords Easily

This will reset the password to blank. And you will get a success message on the screen.

TuneBro WinGeeker Review -  Recover Forgotten Windows Passwords Easily

Hit Ok to confirm and your PC will reboot.

reset windows password

Let it boot normally don’t press any function key and it will directly start to the Windows without asking for any password.

If you are on UEFI, unplug the USB drive before restarting. Go to the UEFI BIOS Menu and change the boot priority as it was before, making the primary hard disk to the top.

All done, your Windows password has been reset to the blank and you can log in without the password.

Now for further security create a new and memorable password.

  1. Go to control panel and open User Accounts and click manage another account.
  2. Click on your user account and create a new password.

Changes made to the Computer by TuneBro WinGeeker

The only change this software make is to create a new file in C\Windows\SysWOW64 it create a new .exe file restuserinfSRV, if you are skeptical then you can delete it.

Final Thoughts

One can lose or forget their Windows login password and it may put your hard work at risk. Resetting the login password will get the access back.

There are few technical and advanced method to reset the Windows login password but those are for tech-savvy persons.

TuneBro WinGeeker is an ultimate tool to reset the password easily with the help of USB drive and a working computer.

It can reset the password of any version of Windows doesn’t matter if it is Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7/8, 8.1 or Windows 10. It does even work for Windows Server 2008/ 2012/2016 and Windows Server 2019.

The only drawback is, it is not free but hey the good things come at a price and you won’t regret getting the full version for the lifetime.

Let me know if you face any problem

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