How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone?

Did you move to Apple’s iPhone from Android? Then you might want to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone so that you can use the new iPhone flawlessly. Shifting from Android to iOS can be a little overwhelming task for some users. It is mostly because you have to transfer all of your data from one operating system to another. However, it is quite simple to move contacts from Android to the iPhone. 

Ways to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 

In this guide, you will find two good ways to transfer your contacts from an Android device to iOS. These methods are simple and do not require you to download any third-party app on your iPhone. 

Using Your Google Account 

The good thing with Android smartphones is that you can save your contacts to your Google Account. Then you can sync the contacts on your iPhone. However, the important thing to note is that you have to sync your contacts to your Google Account first. Here is how: 

Step 1: Open the Settings of your Android smartphone. 

Step 2: Go to Accounts, and open your Google Account. This may be different for different Android smartphones. 

Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Step 3: Now tap on the Sync account

sync account

Step 4: From here, sync your Contacts

Contacts sync

Transferring the Contacts to iPhone 

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone. 

Step 2: Tap on Mail

iPhone Settings

Step 3: Tap on Accounts

Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Step 4: Now tap on Add Account.

add email account to iphone

Step 5: Select Gmail here and log in with the same Google account. 

adding mail

Step 6: Once you add the account, follow steps 1-3 and then tap on the Google account you just added. 

gmail iphone settings

Step 7: Turn on the toggle for Contacts

sync google contacts to iphone

That’s it! Just give it a few minutes and your contacts will be added to your iPhone. 

This is the easiest and most effective way to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. 

Transfer Contacts Using SIM Card

In case you are going to put your SIM from your Android to your iPhone, you can import the contacts from your phone or Google account to SIM and then transfer the contacts to your iPhone. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Open the Contacts app on your Android smartphone. 

Step 2: Tap on the three-dots icon and then tap on Manage contacts.

manage Contacts

Step 3: Now tap on Import or export contacts and then tap on Export

Importing Contacts

Note: This might be different for you depending on the Android smartphone you are using. The main goal is to transfer contacts from your phone to your SIM card. 

Step 4: Select the contacts that you want to import and tap on Done

Once this process is complete, you can remove your sim and follow the next steps. 

Importing Contacts from the SIM 

Step 1: Insert the SIM card into your iPhone. 

Step 2: Open Settings

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on Contacts

Step 4: Now tap on Import SIM Contacts. Select your Gmail or iCloud account and complete the process. 

import contacts from sim to iphone

That’s it! You can now find all the contacts on your iPhone.  

Shifting from Android to iPhone is a new experience, things are different on iOS, and you have to transfer your data and contacts to the new smartphone. The above two methods are the simplest way to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone, and it does not require any third-party apps or untrusted sources to share your contacts with. 

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