Fix Your Connection Is Not Private | NET::ERR_CERT_ INVALID Error On Chrome & Other Browsers

Are you getting your connection is not private error on Google Chrome or other browsers and the error code is usually NET::ERR_CERT_ INVALID, ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID, or NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID? If a site is not trusted and you see this error then it is just better to avoid the site but if you see this error on a site that you use on a daily basis and are trusted then there are a few ways to fix your connection is not private issue. 

What Causes NET::ERR_CERT_ INVALID Error?

The error message can give you an idea of what is wrong, ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID means the SSL certificate of the website is expired or your computer has the wrong date and time. If you see a message reading “Your connection is not private” while trying to visit a site then it indicates that the site is not secure and does not follow HTTPS protocol. 

Fix Your Connection Is Not Private Issue

To get HTTPS a site needs SSL certification and this needs to be renewed periodically. If a site shows the said message then their SSL certification has expired and they have not renewed their certification. 

As a visitor, you cannot do much about it as these things are controlled by the site owners at the backend. 

But if you are seeing this issue across all the sites from your browser then there might be something wrong with your browser. Here are some of the methods you can try to fix this issue from your side. 

Fix Your Connection Is Not Private Issue

Here are some ways you can try to fix the connection problem. Try these methods one by one and any of these should help you to fix the underlying issues.

Bypass Your Connection Is Not Private and Visit Non-HTTPS Version 

SSL establishes a secure connection between your browser and the site’s servers. If a site does not have HTTPS protocol then it is not exactly safe for visiting. However, if you do not have any choice and want to visit the site anyhow then you can simply bypass the error message and visit the non-HTTPS version. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Click on the Advanced button on the error page. 

Step 2: Now click on the link that reads Proceed to visit SITE_ADDRESS (unsafe)

connection is not private chrome

That’s it! The site will now load without HTTPS standards and that is how you can access the site with this error message. 

You can even delete the HTTPS from the URL if you want to visit a site with the same error message. 

Use Incognito Tab

Using an incognito tab is one of the best ways to visit sites that you do not trust. In fact, if you visit any shady sites, incognito mode is the way forward. 

In this case, using incognito mode might help you as well. Here is how:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome. 

Step 2: Click on the three-dots icon at the top-right corner. 

Step 3: Now click on New Incognito Window

Opening New Incognito Tab on Google Chrome

Step 4: Enter the URL for the site showing the error. 

That’s it! The site should load fine now. 

Clear Your Browsing Data

When you use the internet, a lot of things such as cache, cookies, etc build up. It is always good to clean your browsing data periodically. Here is how you can do it on Chrome:

Step 1: Click on the three-dots icon on Google Chrome at the top-right corner and click on Settings

Chrome menu

Step 2: Now go to the Privacy and Security tab from the left and then click on Clear browsing data

Clearing Browsing Data

Step 3: Go to the Advanced tab and select the Time range as All time and then select the first four options. Finally, click on Clear data

Clearing Browsing Data

This should fix Your connection is not private error for you.

If you are using a different browser, make sure to clear its search history and cache, and then the error should not cause you any problems. 

Check Date and Time To Fix ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID Error

If the date and time of your PC are not correct then you might see this error. All you have to do is make sure that your date and time are set accurately. 

Here is how you can change:-

For Windows

Step 1: Go to the Taskbar and type Settings in the search bar and hit enter. 

Step 2: Click on Time & Language

 Step 3: Turn on the toggle to Set the time automatically and Set the time zone automatically

Step 4: Click on Sync now under Synchronise your clock

Setting Automatic Date and Time on Windows

That’s it!

For Mac

Step 1: Click on the Apple logo on the top-left. 

Step 2: Now click on System Preferences

Step 3: Click on Date & Time

Setting Date and Time on Mac

Step 4: Check the option for Select date and time automatically

set date and time automatically mac

That’s it!

Once you change the date and time make sure to restart your PC and then check if the error is still there or not. 

Disable & Enable Network Adapter

If you are using Windows OS then you can disable and enable the network adapter and that might help you with this issue. 

Step 1: Open Control Panel

Step 2: Select View by Option and set it to Large icons

Step 3: Click on Network and Sharing Center

control panel

Step 4: Click on Change adapter settings on the left menu.

change adapter settings

Step 5: Here you will see your network adapter, it may be WiFi or LAN. Simply right-click on it. 

Step 6: Then click on Disable

disable wifi adapter

Step 7: Wait for at least 10 seconds, then right-click on it again, and then click on Enable

enable wireless adapter

Now see if the error is gone or not. 

Using Google’s Public DNS Can Resolve Connection Not Private Error

This method is useful if any particular site won’t load on your computer. In that case, you can use Google’s public DNS and the problematic sites should load fine. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Go to the Windows search bar, type “Control Panel” and hit enter. 

Step 2: Click on ‘Network and Sharing Center’. 

Step 3: Now you will be able to see your active network. If the ‘Access type’ shows “No Internet access”, click on your connection. 

Step 4: Here, click on ‘Properties’. 

Step 5: Select ‘Internet Version Protocol 4(TCP/IPv4)’ and then click on ‘Properties’. 

internet protocol version 4

Step 6: Click on ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’.

Step 7: Enter the following DNS addresses in ‘Preferred DNS server’ and ‘Alternative DNS server’ respectively: and

Using Google's Public DNS

You can also use Cloudflare Lightning Fast DNS with the following addresses: and

Step 8: Click on OK. 

Finally, restart your computer.

Restore Internet Settings

Step 1: Open Control Panel

Step 2: Select View by Option and set it to Large icons

Step 3: Click on Internet Options

internet options

Step 4: Go to the Connections tab. 

Step 5: Here, click on LAN Settings

lan settings

Step 6: Check the option for Automatically detect settings and uncheck any options under the Proxy server. Click on OK to save the settings. 

Automatically detect settings

Step 7: Now go to the Advanced tab and then click on Restore advanced settings

restore advanced settings

Click on Apply and OK to save the settings. 

Restart your PC and see and it should fix Your connection is not private issue. 

Change Network Profile

If you are using a WiFi network for accessing the internet then you can try changing the network profile to fix this issue. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Click on the WiFi icon on the taskbar. 

Step 2: Here, click on your connected WiFi and then click on Properties

wireless network

Step 3: If the connection is your own and it is not a public WiFi, simply set the Network Profile to Private

change network profile to fix your connection not private

That’s it!


This is a common problem, you might get Connection is not Private on Google Chrome or any other browser. You can simply bypass the error message and visit the non-HTTPS version of the site.

Other than that, you can also use incognito mode or try clearing the browsing data. In many cases, it is the inaccurate date and time settings that cause the issue. So make sure to use all the methods mentioned above. 


How do I fix your connection is not private?

As a visitor, you can try to fix the error by following methods –
1. Refresh the page
2. Go Incognito
3. Clear browsing data
4. Check the system time & date
5. Do not use a public network
6. Try public DNS
7. Restore Internet Settings
8. Disable proxy server

How to bypass your connection is not private

If you are the website owner then check the website SSL certificate, it may be expired or invalid. As a visitor, you can follow the above methods to bypass the error.

How do I reset Google Chrome?

You can try to clear the browsing data to bypass the connection not private error, however, if it does not work then try to reset the Google Chrome.
1. Go to Chrome Menu
2. Select Settings and then click on the Reset option from the left pane.
3. Click on “Restore settings to their original default”.
Or you can fully reset Google Chrome without reinstall.

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