How To Fix Settings Not Opening On Windows 10 Easily

Windows 10 settings app may get corrupt due to a Windows update, conflicting programs, or incorrectly uninstalled apps, and it refuses to open at all. Settings not opening on Windows 10 is a common issue reported by thousands of users.

This error occurs irrespective of the Windows 10 Version. It can happen with older versions or even with newer versions like 1903, 1909, 2004, 20H2, or the latest 22H2 version.

This is really annoying when you can’t open the Settings App to go through different features, apps, settings, security, personalization, and many more.

You can’t ignore the problem and keep working on the PC since one needs to access settings frequently.

In this article, you will see different options to fix the corrupt setting app on your Windows 10.

Fix Corrupt Settings App on Windows 10

Since you don’t know the reason behind this issue, you have to try multiple options one by one. Try and test each of them in the given order. The easiest method is mentioned first.

1. Restart The PC – A restart might fix the problem instantly if it is happening due to non-responsive programs, suspended Windows services, or laggy Windows 10. try to restart first before you proceed to the next method.

2. Reset Windows 10 Settings App

If the restart does not fix the issue, then it means the settings app is corrupt, and you need to reset or rebuild it. Resetting the Settings won’t delete any files, or change your customization and security settings.

Follow these Steps –

1. Go to the Start button and right-click on it. Or press the Win+X keys together.

2. Search for “Powershell” then click on “Windows PowerShell(Admin).

windows powershell admin

3. Now, you need to type the following command or just copy and paste it to Powershell.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers -Name windows.immersivecontrolpanel | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml” -Verbose}

fix settings not opening on Windows 10

Copy and paste the exact command and hit Enter on your keyboard.

You will get this output – Operation completed for: C:Windows\ImmersiveControlPanel\AppXMenifest.xml

It means you have successfully reset the Windows 10 Settings app. Immersive Control Panel is the settings app in Windows 10.

Now check if the settings app is working or not, you may need to restart the PC.

3. Rebuild All Apps to Fix Windows 10 Settings not Opening Issue

The second method will work in most cases, but if it is still not working, then you can try to rebuild all Windows 10 apps. If another app is conflicting with the Settings app, just resetting the Settings won’t help.

In this case, you should rebuild every app installed in Windows 10. Again, it won’t delete your personal files, but customization may reset to the default options.

Follow the steps given below –

1. Right Click on the Start button.

2. Select “Windows PowerShell(Admin).

3. Copy and paste the below command on Powershell.

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

rebuild windows 10 apps powershell command

Hit enter on your keyboard.

4. Restart Windows 10.

This should fix issues with Windows 10 apps, including Settings.

4. Fix Corrupt Windows Files to Repair Windows 10 Settings

If the above commands don’t work, then there are some corrupt Windows 10 files. Manually you can’t find which file is corrupt or missing, so you have to use the inbuilt system file checker.

1. Go to Start and search for “cmd“.

2. Right-click on cmd and choose “Run as Administrator“.

3. Type sfc /scannow and hit enter on the keyboard.

sfc scan to fix settings on Windows 10

This scan will take time, and try to find corrupt or missing files. After that, it will fix the corrupt files by using the Windows 10 image stored in the C drive. (Windows keep an image file of OS; you don’t have to supply it additionally).

Let the command run and fix the found issues.

Restart your PC and check if the settings are working or not.

5. Create A New User Account & Update Windows 10

A Windows update can download and install the latest feature and security updates from the Microsoft server. If windows 10 settings not opening then there is no chance of updating the Windows.

In this case, you can create a new user account as an admin. Then log in to the new user account and update the Windows 10.

Follow these steps –

1. Select “Start” and search for “cmd.”

2. Right-click on cmd and choose “Run as Administrator.”

3. Type the following commands –

net user user_name password /add (Replace user_name and password with desired user name and password).

net localgroup administrators user_name /add (Replace the user_name with the user name you entered in above command)

create admin user via cmd windows
Replace itechfever & password2 with the desired user name & password.

This command will create a user account with administrative privileges.

Now log out from the current user account and login into the newly created account.

4. Go to Settings and Update and Security options. (You will be able to open “Settings” in the new user account”

5. Find the Windows Update option and “Check for the updates available.” Let it download and install the updates once done, restart the PC, and login back into the original account.

check for updates

And check if the settings app is opening or not. In 99% of cases, it will work without any further issues.

If you are really unlucky, then it may not work.

Now you have only 2 options left –

  1. Reset Windows 10 (Not recommended you will lose all the installed apps, settings, and customization).
  2. Transfer files from the older account to the new user account.

In case you are getting an error “Some settings are managed by your organization,” then you can easily fix it.

Transfer Files From One User Account To Another

If you decide to switch to the new user account, then you just have to transfer personal files from your old user account. All other files in different drives will be there and accessible from the new account.

1. Once you are logged in to the newly created account, then browse to C:\Users\” OldUserName” open the folder and copy all other files and folders.

2. Paste them to C:\Users\”NewUserName” folder.

3. You will get a prompt, “The folder already exists,” then choose the Overwrite option.

move user account files

In the new user account, everything would work fine, you can access your files and installed apps, and of course, you won’t face the Settings not opening issue in this user account.


Windows 10 can refuse to open Settings or other inbuilt apps. The 2nd method works in most cases. And the 3rd method will rebuild all the apps. If you are facing some issues with other inbuilt apps, then it will fix them too.

The system file checker would take time and may not work if the Windows 10 image is also corrupt. The last method will allow you to update Windows 10, which should fix Windows 10 settings not responding problem. Lastly, you can escape from the problem with a new user account.

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