Dark Secrets Of The Dark Web – Stories That Will Leave You Bewildered!

Overview- Read the dark web stories and experiences of different users, which will make you think again before accessing the dark web.

The distinction between the deep web and the dark web is rather debatable.

While many say that all of the information must be open and free to access, there are others who say that it is not completely legit to do so.

The secrets of the dark web are almost indiscernible. Most of it is highly condemned and disgusting, but some might be useful in a way.

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Website Hosting

Even in this day and age, it remains a mystery as to who actually owns the websites with a ‘.onion’ domain extension.

The websites with such a domain extension are easily accessible on the darknet, but your activity remains untraceable.

This is a place where the popular WikiLeaks‘ files are released to the public about unscrupulous governments’ misdeeds.

At the same time, other nefarious activities are known here, from the drug trade to s3x trafficking, child p(0)rn0graphy, videos of human torture and even worse.

secrets of the dark web, dark web

One of the popular Amazon-like stores of the dark web, also known as Silk Road, was taken down by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) since too many drug addicts and dealers had been selling banned substances at the lowest prices, making it easy to buy. What’s worse is that they even offer delivery.

How is Dark Web used and Misused?

Things do not have to get scary unless you want them to be.

Generally, it is the government agencies, such as departments in-charge of maintaining national security, intelligence communities, anti-hackers, and hacktivists, that can be found doing their own thing on the dark web, which you won’t ever find on the surface web.

The surface web is controlled and highly regulated, so you may not see the other side of the story unless it comes out totally manipulated by media outlets. But what’s ironic about it is that journalists often access the secrets of the dark web to dig up many stories.


Misuse outweighs the uses in any part of the world, and the same holds true for the secrets of the dark web.

You could go from watching a pirated film, accessing TV shows that are not allowed to stream in your region to buying off someone’s stolen credit card details for a few bucks.

What’s worse is that you can even purchase fake citizenship documents, passports for a meager price. There are even reports of professional hitmen and assassins selling their services.

It could get rough for you when you tend to buy anything from any online market within the dark web.

Most of the time, your information is being fed into some unknown system and probably even monitored by a hacker in real-time who could come back to blackmail you later on or spy on you using the web camera.

Spooked yet? This is just the beginning. From computers to mobile phones to anything that is connected to the Internet, like a smart home, can all be controlled by an anonymous soul.

So, you really do not want to take the risk of ordering anything via the dark web.

Horrific Dark Web Stories

Some of the most outrageously horrifying dark web stories told by Reddit users about their experiences in the darknet would make your hair stand! Are you ready for some of this? Here we go!

dark web stories

1. Slow internet saved a Reddit user’s life- reported by Semper_Fi_Cerberus

The dark web story by Semper states – On his callous frolicking around the deep web, this user saw a link that said ‘For journalist and people new to the deep web‘. When he clicked on it, he expected to find ‘interesting and helpful information, but instead, he found the head of an old Asian man with blood on his chin.

Beyond this point, the user panicked and got off the internet! He thanked the slow internet speed, though.

2. The human experiment

That’s right; the dark web is a huge place full of evil minds who would conduct actual human experiments. Sort of like reinventing the Holocaust, if you will.

Grotesque acts such as starvation, radiation exposure, sterilization and worse can be found here. This website also details that these human beings are homeless and hence used for the sole purpose of experimentation.

Even their slogan is creepy as hell, it says, “Not all humans are equal, for some of them were born superior to others.”

3. A tale of an encounter between a probable hacker and a Reddit user Bigwiseguy55

According to this user, he posted a comment on a video and later went back to watch the video again when someone replied to his comment saying, ‘That is very astute of you Mr. (insert my last name here)‘. The user says he freaked out and didn’t use the internet for at least a week since his last name was quite uncommon and he does not know how it was leaked.

4. Spookiness intensified with a blog about ‘How to cook a woman’ as recanted by one Reddit user Baconboyloiter

Another dark web story by a Reddit user describes the time when his visit to the deep (dark) web brought him to a disturbing website that is actually a comprehensive guide for cooking women. This blog supposedly contains what body types to use for specific cuts, how to prepare these cuts, and how to cook the girl so she lives as long as possible.

While this may be the worst-case story of cannibalism you might have heard of, it is certainly not the last.

5. Pink Meth- a pervert’s paradise.

Although this website is not operational anymore owing to multiple lawsuits, it used to be the Go-To spot for perverts to upload nude photos & selfies, private photographs and videos of their ex-girlfriends or even wives.

The nude pictures uploaded here were highly discredited because they did not have the consent of the owner. And even after the pictures were taken off their database, they would be picked up by someone else.

There is virtually no end to this menace.

6. Daisy’s Destruction Dark Web Story

There is nobody unaware of the fact that p(0)rn is a disturbing arena that exists even on the Surface Web. As much as it pains to have this awfulness ruin our internet browsing experience, it is much worse to see that pedophiles have an area all to themselves, undiscovered by the government authorities.

Child p(0)rn)graphy constitutes more than 80% of the dark web. While nobody can do anything about it, there is an increasing number of child p(0)rn watchers all over the world!

One particularly infamous case involved an Australian registered s3x offender named Peter Scully, who would travel to the neighboring nations of the Philippines and Thailand and s3xually abuse children there.

He would then record his atrocious activities and then spread it all across the dark web for other pedophiles to see.

He made a dirty film with a minor girl where he s3xually abused and tortured her. This monster was arrested in the Philippines on the charge of making multiple child abuse videos and is now rotting in an Australian prison.

Apparently, it is allowed for registered s3x offenders in Australia to carry passports and even go on international travel. Now you see where the source of the problem is.

7. Live T0rture Streams

Have you seen the movie ‘Hostel‘?

Now, can you imagine watching something like that Live on your computer?

Apparently, it is one of the trending activities on the Dark Web. Although this is not a secret society, it is certainly the second disgusting thing after child p(0)rn0graphy.

Some guy on the dark web found a live stream of a girl who was sitting on a chair and sought people’s suggestions on how she should hurt herself.

What we are talking about here is the self-inflicted abuse- cuts, bruises, eye-gouging, etc. Eventually, she killed herself on the live stream for all the crazy people to watch and entertain. Mind you, this was not some fake, make-believe death, it was quite real!

This is one of those places where radical Islamic terrorist organizations also perform live beheadings, torture, r11pe, and even m(u)rder.

No wonder that even the world’s most powerful governments prove useless against such destruction.

Obviously, there are many more stories that are even more horrifying. But what you must know is that if you do decide to go down this path then at least try to restrict access to your Tor-enabled device from running the risk of children stumbling across an ugly world such as this.

There are many other Dark Web Stories that can be found on Reddit.

It may seem like an adventure based on curiosity, but it is a steep slope down into the darkness that nobody can save you from, so do take caution.

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