Crash Google Chrome Just By Hovering the Mouse over a Link

We know there is nothing like perfect, every Software has bugs into it. No matter if hundreds of well-qualified engineers and a good community of contributors working on a web browser for years to make it more safe and secure, sometimes it can get tripped by simple glitch, yes we are talking about the famous web browser  Google Chrome that can be crashed just by hovering over a link.

Not to worry this bug is neither going to make your data or banking information available to hackers nor it is going to  cause any damage to your computers like high CPU and memory usages by Chrome, but it’ll annoy you little bit, also you can have fun with your friends.

Crash Google Chrome in Seconds

crash google chrome

Have you ever seen a bug into action? Well, you will see in this post all you have to do is open this post on Google Chrome and Hover Over Mouse on this Link. As soon you hover the pointer of the mouse on this link, the page will crash and you will see famous error page of google chrome i,e “Aw, Snap!”

You can try it by  is closing  programs and unnecessary tabs to free up system memory, but that won’t help much since it has nothing to do with system memory and resources, you can crash google chrome even if you are not using many programs and tabbed browsing. Generally “Aw, Snap!” error appears when chrome runs out of memory and high CPU usages. So this is not memory or CPU problem but Google Chrome just don’t understand what to do with a short string of character.

Now you may find such links over the web without any explanation that what these links can do, and there are chances that you may crash google chrome unknowingly then all you have to do is reload the page you’re on and be careful which links you’re hovering. This doesn’t seem to be kind of bug which can be exploited for malicious ends but the troublesome for sure.

You can enjoy this bug with your friends just send them http://a/%%30%30 and get them try to click in chrome.

Update – This issue has been fixed by Google Chrome developers after it went viral on  social media.

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Source – Reddit

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