5+ Tips for Android Smartphones to Make Them Last Longer

According to an interesting stat, about 85% of the phones run on Android globally. Now that’s a lot of Android smartphones, right? Every other people around us has an Android smartphone, and there is a good reason for it. 

You see, Android smartphones have a very big market. You can buy a really cheap Android smartphone, and then you can also buy an expensive flagship Android smartphone. So there is an Android phone for everyone. 

However, Android smartphones are not known for their long lives. That is because sometimes users do not take proper care of them. Also, sometimes, it is just manufacturers intentionally make them in a way so that they do not last very long.

Well, you can keep your Android smartphone safe if you just follow some basic tips. Not only it will make your smartphone more secure, but it will also increase its life.

So in this article, I am going to present you with some tips for Android smartphones. Just follow these tips to make the Android smartphone more secure and long-lasting. 

Tips That Make Android Smartphones Safe and Long-Lasting 

Follow these tips to secure your device and keep them for a long time.

Get a Good Case and Screen Protector 

This is something you shouldn’t even wait for. Just put a good screen protector on your smartphone as soon as you buy it. A smartphone goes to many places so that it will endure scratches on the way. But using a screen protector will save the inner display from scratches. Also, you can replace the protectors much more easily.  

Also, most Android smartphones come with a camera bump these days. So it is just a good idea to put a back cover as well. It makes the backside flat and secures your smartphone.

So even if your smartphone falls, the back cover takes the hit securing the internals and back of your phone. Just make sure that both your screen protector and case are of good quality.   

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

This is something I hate with a lot of Android smartphones these days. They come loaded with bloatware and unwanted apps. If that wasn’t enough, there are app stores for every brand now that automatically install apps.

You should just uninstall the apps that you do not use or the apps that the app store installs on your phone. 

Just install and keep the apps that you use frequently. Not only do the unused apps take up your storage space but they are also not good for privacy. 

Regularly Clean Your Storage 

We just take pictures, and videos, download a lot of stuff, and never look back on it. Well, all of these things take up your storage space slowly, and before you realize it, your storage gets full.

The more storage is occupied on the phone, the slower it will be. So just delete the unimportant photos, videos, and PDFs that you no longer need or just store them on the cloud. The goal is to keep your internal storage as much free as possible. It will always keep your phone running fast. 

Update Your Smartphone 

Not updating your Android smartphone is not a good idea these days. First of all, updates enhance the user experience. Secondly, they are crucial for your phone’s security. Along with that, it removes bugs and improves performance.

So just install every update you get on your smartphone. Whenever your smartphone receives a software update, you will get a notification right away. In case you don’t, here is how to check for updates on your Android smartphone:

  • Go to the Settings
  • Scroll down and find Software update
  • Just tap on it. From here, you can check, download and install any available updates for your smartphone.  
Tips for Android Smartphones

Clean the Ports and Screen

Some of you might have seen those gross phone cleaning videos on Instagram Reels or TikTok. A smartphone is something we all use extensively all day in all of over activities.

This means that it is exposed to dirt, grease, oil, and many other things. Over time these things accumulate near and inside the ports and openings of the smartphone.

They can damage the smartphone in many ways, so it is a good idea to keep the ports and screen of your smartphone periodically. 

To clean the screen, you just need a wipe, and an alcohol-based cleaning solution. Just dip the wipe in the solution and then clean the screen gently. 

As for the ports and other openings like the speaker grill, just take a sharp tool like a pin. Then slowly insert it into the openings and try to pull out dirt, fibers, and grease from the ports.

Make sure not to apply too much pressure or use extensive force. Just do it gently so that the internals do not get damaged.   

Do Not Overheat Your Smartphone Regularly

A lot of people these days use their smartphones for gaming, shooting videos, etc. These are heavy performance tasks and can overheat your smartphone. Now for some occasions, it is fine, but you should not make a habit of it. 

If you feel that your smartphone is warming up more than it should during a gaming session, just take some rest. Let the phone cool down, and then you can resume playing. 

Frequent overheating of smartphones has a direct effect on longevity. If you do it often, the internals will be dead pretty soon. 

Keep the Battery Healthy 

The battery is the powerhouse for the smartphone, and for longer life, you have to keep it healthy. There are just some basic rules that you have to follow. 

  • First of all, do not overheat the phone. 
  • Avoid draining your battery completely.
  •  Avoid charging from 0-100% all the way in a single charge. 
  • Keep the brightness down. 
  • Disable location services if not using them. 
  • Use dark theme wallpapers 
  • Disconnect the charger after 100% charge.
  • Use original chargers and cables. 

Data Backup is Important 

Even if you take all of the safety measures to keep your Android smartphones safe and long-lasting, you never know what can go wrong. Losing your important data is a nightmare.

I made the mistake of not backing up my data, and I paid for it. My smartphone just suddenly crashed after a fall, and it was just dead. It couldn’t repair, and I lost all of my data. So just make a backup of your files, photos, and videos regularly. You can use cloud services or external SSDs for a safe backup.

Closing Phrase

It is important to protect your device and data before any mishap happens; always take backup; even if you broke your phone, the data would be safe. These were some tips for Android smartphones that will help them last longer.

Do follow these tips if you want to use your smartphone for a while. I hope this article helps you in keeping your beloved phone with you for many years. 

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